WOD for Wednesday 4-17-13 PS- Rower For Sale

April 16, 2013

First off, if you missed either Monday’s Squat or Tuesday’s shoulder press, I’d strongly prefer you ignore today’s prescription and make up those elements.  They are significantly more important than today’s mix of unusual movements.

WOD for Wednesday

Complete, in any order.

50 GHD Situps —  Unbroken or Multiple Sets.

Agility Ladder– 6 trips total

1-Right Foot Down and Back Facing 12 0’clock

2-Left Foot Down and Back Facing 12 o’clock

3-Right foot Down and Back Facing 3 o’clock

4-Left Foot Down and Back Facing 3 o’clock

5-Right Foot Down and Back Facing 9 o’clock

6-Left Foot Down and Back Facing 9 o’clock

Overhead Reverse Medball Throws — For distance.  M- 3x30lbs, 3x40lbs (optional 3×50)  W- 3×20, 3×30, (optional 3x40lbs)

Video HERE  PS-  Dont hit the agility ladder athletes.

5 Minutes-  Handstand Work/Progressions.   Find any level of progression (from Feet on a box, all the up to handstand walks)  that challenges you (but doesnt put you in danger).   So, in the tool box are Wall Walkups (anywhere from slight to total inversion),  Handstand mounts, Partial or full Handstand Pushups.  Handstand Holds (against the wall working towards freestanding) Any measure of handstand movement/walk.


Lastly-  I have the opportunity to pickup some new C2 rowers and will likely do so.  Once I have, I will sell one or both of the two older models we currently have  for $500 each.  If you’ve rowed on them, you know there’s no appreciable difference in performance between these older rowers and the newer ones.  I’m just looking for visual uniformity.  If interested, please let me know.




  1. im interested Brock. please save 1 for me….

  2. We are interested as well!

    • You got it dawn. I am sanitizing it now, even though its already clean.

      • Thanks for attempting to sanitize it for me. Please know that I will do it again once its here. It’s the way it has to be.

  3. I came in and did all of the above actions.

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