Wod for Friday 4-19-13

April 19, 2013

Strength – 3×3 Deadlift for load.

Strength 2- Deadlift 5×1 Greater load than 3×3 but less than 100%

Work- 5 Rounds for Time of

Row 300

Run 200

Deadlifts (Touch and Go) 225/155  1st round 10 reps, 2nd round 8 reps, 3rd round 6 reps, 4th round 4 reps, 5th round 2 reps.



  1. No DL for me. My back is still recovering.

    I did shoulder press today: 1281 145, 140, 142

    Unbeknownst to me at the time I set a shoulder press PR today of 155!!

    For work today I subbed hand stand push-ups for DL. Total time 14:02

  2. Jeff, Thank you for commenting. I have been away from strength Bias for the last week but looking forward to returning with no CF Games Open and No Garage Games to taper for.

  3. DL – 1425–155×3, 160×3, 160×3
    singles – 165, 167, 170
    work – 4 rounds + 36m row…DL@130

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