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WOD for Friday 5-31-13

May 31, 2013

This strength WOD was last prescribed on 4-12-13.  Thsi was the last 4×5 exposure in the strength cycle.

Strength 1 –  Deadlift 4×5 for load.  This is your last workout in the 5 rep scheme.

Strength 2 – Stiff legged Deadlift 3×5 for completion.  Tempo controlled at 3-1-3-1.  Ballpark at 50% of Strength 1 heaviest set.  Ideally go to midshin/plates hit the ground.  Shorten the ROM if necessary.



10 Wallballs @ 50/30

3 Deadlifts at 315/225 or Heaviest set of Strength 1.

15 Wallballs @ 40/20

3 Deadlifts 

20 Wallballs @ 30/14

3 Deadlifts

25 Wallballs @ 20/10

3 Deadlifts

 Gauntlet style, one after another.  Dont get caught from behind.


WOD for Thursday. Teams announced/Details on Saturday.

May 30, 2013

Saturday we are expecting 3-4 teams from CrossFit Reignighted, 2 From Port City and 3 or 4 from CF Wilmington.   Athlete’s briefing is at 830 and we will kick off promptly at 9am.

If you are NOT on a team and want to participate it is NOT TOO LATE, but getting very close.  Leave your info in the comments section.  As of now we have the following teams

THE ROOKIES- Clark, Andrea, Greg and Lili

TOP SHELF- Nick, Adelynn, Jade and Michael

CENTRUM SILVER- Veronica, Brock, Niki, and Jim K.

AS YET UNDETERMINED- Neal, Greigh, Shelby and Sean R.

Solo and expressing interest are(I think)  Jacqui, Scott K, and Rick C. 

Jeff, Aaron and Larry may or may not have a commitment that could still be influenced by enormous amounts of peer pressure, so please apply such when you see them.

Thursday’s WOD is:


4×8 Supine Rows.  14 second Video Here.

4×5 Scapular Retractions.  25 second Video Here.

Work:  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 For time.






WOD for Wed 5-29-13

May 29, 2013

Stolen from Mainsite

For time

5 Shoulder press

10 Overhead Squats

15 Push Press

20 Front Squats

25 Push Jerks (no splitting)

30 Back Squats

@ 115/80


Rest to recovery, then:

For time, as many trips through the following as you like.

30 second Handstand Hold

Carry 3 Cloth (40 lb) sandbags across two, 12 foot balance beams.

Return on opposite balance beams.

1 Athlete at a time.  No scale from male to female loads.

This is experimental stuff.   Your feedback on the efficacy and difficulty of the wod is appreciated.  Please make your opinion known in the “COMMENTS” section.




WOD for Tuesday 5-28-13 And Wednesday 5-29-13

May 28, 2013


WORK–FRAN  or NANCY  whichever you didnt get to last week.  

TECHNIQUE– Address a weakness.  Athlete’s choice.

WEDNESDAY:  Due to the shortened week, we’ll squash overhead and squat movements into the same day.  To that end, this wod from CFHQ fits the bill, although it DOES line up Overhead Squats two days in a row for those of you who do NANCY on Tuesday.

For Time

5 Shoulder Press

10 Overhead Squats

15 Push Presses

20 Front Squats

25 Push Jerks

30 Back Squats

all @ 115/80



Holiday Weekend Schedule

May 25, 2013

Saturday Open Gym 10-12

Closed Sunday

Monday Open Gym 9-12   Memorial Day Murph is welcomed, but not required.


WOD for Friday 5-24-13

May 24, 2013

Skill /Technique 1: EMOM x10  3 Position Snatch from the top down. Prioritize speed and balance first, depth second, weight last.

Strength:  3 x 3 – Three stop Snatch Pulls.  1 Minute Video HERE.

Work:  4 sets x 20 reps of KB Swings.  30 Second Rest between each set.  As follows: 

2 Handed Power Swing (eye level)

2 Handed Overhead  Swing

Right Hand Power Swing

Left Hand Power Swing  

Score is total time.  Athletes please stay strict with the 30 seconds rest periods.  You can rest more but not less.


WOD for Thursday 5-23-13

May 23, 2013

Strength/Work–  For time

20 Pullups chest to bar, chin to bar

20 Bent Rows 115/80

4 Rope Climbs (head/hand)

15 Pullups

15 Bent rows

3 Rope Climbs

10 Pullups

10 Bent rows

2 Rope Climbs



10-15 Minutes Row, Run/Jog, Jump Rope at recovery levels (60-70%)