WOD for Tursday 5-2-13

May 2, 2013

Welcome Back Austin, Melody and Sean R.  Great to see you all again.   Greigh, Christina K, and Chris M.  Please check in.

WOD for Thursday

Technique:  10-15 Minutes:  Turkish Get up instruction:  Decent Video HERE.  

Strength: 10 Minutes- Establish a 1 Rep Max in the front Squat.

Strength 2: Establish a 3 Rep max Hang Squat Clean


Friday is Deadlift.  Next Week:  LAST exposure before we test out.



  1. It’s fairly impressive that dude kept the kettle bell extended over his head during the entire 3 minute demonstration.

  2. Felt good to perform all the movements today. Kept it light.
    TGU 45lb dumbbell

    FS I did sets of 5 ascending in weight up to 175.

    Hang cleans at 115

    Thanks Jade for the instruction!

  3. Tgu – 25 lbs
    Fs – 120
    Hc – 90

  4. TGU stopped at 40, don’t know if I could have gotten more or not.
    FS 185 which is a 5lb PR

  5. TGU – 12kb kbs
    FS – 140
    HC – 95

  6. TGU – 25lbs (12 KB) on R/L and 35 lbs (16 KB) on R only.

    Front Squat 185lbs. which is a PR, but I’m not sure by how much. Will need to scour the website to see my last 1 rep max (during one of our first Wendler cycles).

    HSC = 90lbs. I probably could have gone 5-10lbs heavier, but ran out of time + was really working on good technique.

  7. I am a week and some behind you guys. I did Back Squats today at 315×3, 325×3, 315×4. Total for 9 reps=2865. Then front squat singles up to 255.

  8. front squat 205, TGU 45 lbs on right, 40 lbs on left. HC – 125.
    Wednesdays WOB (run, KB, burpees) 1042.

    • Holy shit! You are a rockstar. I really need to workout at night more… I need you pushing me!

  9. Second day back in but was still proud of my numbers… TGU: worked on form ( never performed this before)
    Front Squat: 110 pds
    Hang Clean- 75 pds

  10. TGU 12lb r/l, 12k r
    FS – 115 pr up 20lbs from january
    HSC – 80×3

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