WOD for Friday 5-10-13

May 10, 2013

This is the LAST DAY of our 12 week strength cycle!  Congrats to all who saw it to the end.  Next week M/Tu/Wed we will reserve the first 20 minutes of class for “testing out”  that is to say for taking a 1 rep max on any of our recurring lifts.  You will probably have your choice of Metcons on those days as well.

For Friday 5-10

Strength– DeadLift 3×3 for Load.  Drop Every rep.  Set MUST be completed in under 1 minute.  No stalling.


A) 5 Minute AMRAP

5 Hang Power Snatch 

10 Hang Power Clean  

Both Actions @ 115/80

Rest 5 Minutes then

B) 5 Minute AMRAP

5 Snatches (power or full)

10 Cleans (power or full)

@ 115/80





  1. Today was NOT my day at the gym.
    SDL 3×3 = 1,840 (245×2, 225×3, 225×3); last week I got 245x3x3 so totally disappointed today.

    Work A) 25 @ 65lbs — snatches were horrible and I wanted to quit at least 3 times during this workout.

    Work B) 30 @ 50lb

  2. I am stoked. First day back since last Friday.
    Made up M/T strength
    Back squat 215x3x1, 220x3x2 total: 1965
    My 1 rm when we started was 225, can wait to max out.
    Shoulder press 90x3x1, 95x3x2 total: 840
    My 1 rm when we started was 100, again can’t wait to max out.

    • Damn girl!!! You put me to shame this week. Nice job!!! Glad you made it back.

      • Thanks lady! We all have our days!! Mine just happen to be today!

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