Test week is here! Schedule for Monday- Tuesday- Wednesday

May 13, 2013

Welcome to test-out week.  As this is the conclusion to our 12 week strength cycle, we will replicate the 1 rep max tests conducted 12 weeks ago, and see what sort of improvement we have made.

To those of you who have come aboard after the beginning of the strength cycle, you will test also, but this test will serve as a starting point by which to gauge future progress, rather than a comparison to where you used to be.

If you WERE here 12 weeks ago, DID test at that time but dont remember what you lifted, and didnt record it anywhere,  PLEASE take a few moments to come up with a plausible number to feed me when I ask “What did you lift back in February?”  or I may blow my brains out in frustration.  

So-  The first half of class M-TU and W will be devoted to testing out.  Do the lifts in any order you like, and you can conceivably do two in one day if want.   Warmup well and then consult an instructor or what loads would make the best starting point.

The second half of class will be devoted to one of a few different work capacity tests.  You should navigate among these options with one eye towards what you intend to test out the next day.  If you are unsure of the impact of something, ask an instructor.

WOD options for M-T-W


Option A –  (Battle of the Boro WOD #3)

2 rounds for time

Run 200 M

5 Deadlifts, 5 Power Cleans, 5 Shoulder To Overhead

5 Deadlifts, 5 Power Cleans, 5 Shoulder To Overhead

30 Double Unders

Option B (Battle of the Boro WOD #2)

Against a 5 Minute Clock

Row 500 M

Then Max reps of alternating sets of

5 Burpee Box Jumps (must face the box)

5 Ground To Overhead @ 135/95 (I got 35 reps.  Winner of the event got 42)

Option 3

20 GHD Situps then 10 rounds of

10 Toes to bar, 10 Situps

Scale to 5 Rounds if you want to avoid cataclysmic ab soreness.

Option 4-Bodyweight Back Bonanza

For time- 50 Pullups, 50 Bent over rows at 75%/60% of bodyweight.



  1. My leg has been bothering me since last week and now my back is hurting. I’m afraid to do SDL or Backsquats. What the heck should I do?

  2. Options A, B, 3, and 4?

    Option 3- 20:11 sub grasshoppers for T2B due to my shoulder.

    Option B- 19 reps Rxd

    I will test out later in the week. I had to make up a week last Friday and Sunday so I need a couple more days of recovery.

    • Tested out SP today 105, feb 100- I will log in the other section too.

      Did last Thursdays rope/bbj/kb/wb
      2 attempts
      5:02- struggle with rope climb on second one

      Wall balls suck!!

  3. Shoulder press retest 155. This is a PR! When we started the cycle I did 135.

    Work: option A
    12:45rx. The shoulder to overhead got pretty heavy.

    Shout outs to:
    Aaron J for a new BS PR @315!
    Ryan Fox, my bro-in-law for a successful 1st day in the cfcb family.
    Clark for setting PR’s while wearing an “Oh Fudge” Christmas story shirt.

    May this be a week of many PR’s for all!

  4. I’ve been out for 2 weeks with a slipped disc so I thought I couldn’t show good numbers from the hard work I put in.
    ShoulderPress 180 last Feb 165.
    Back Squats last recorded was 305 during the 3×3 cycle.
    WOD 50 pull ups 50 bent row. 50 Strict pull ups due to my back 145 on bent row

  5. BS Max 130…up fro 115 in February

    Option B – 14 @ 70 lbs

  6. BS: 230 PR – up from 200

    Had to pick up sick kid from school & didn’t do the work portion

    tennis match tonight will be my work for the day

    • Caught sick kid’s crud, not 100% today.

      A: 8:33 @ 65lbs – even the 200m run hurt today

  7. Shoulder press 110 up from 85 in February.

    Please everyone post their improvements (even if you usually don’t post). I love to see everyone’s progress!!!

    • Way to go Whitney!! 110 is awesome!

    • OMG….110 is awesome!!! I just did SP today. Hoping to BS and SDL towards the end of the week and will post all my numbers in one spot showing my improvement and my bodyweight. I did get 90lbs on SP today which is up 10lbs from Feb.

  8. BS – 145 PR – up from 130

  9. BS – 210 now
    175 in February

  10. Deadlift 425,
    box jumps/g2O 26 reps RXd

    • Guess I should mention not a lifetime PR, but about where I was before I took two months off. Wish I had started the cycle from the beginning.

  11. BS 280 up from 245
    Battle of the Boro 11:02 RX

  12. Yesterday Shoulder Press 150 up from 140

  13. Monday:
    Deadlift -555
    Option A – 8:26

    Shoulder Press – 255
    Option 4 – 15:16

  14. Tuesday- did option B
    7:31 Rxd

  15. Weds:
    A – at 80lbs and singles, can’t remember the time
    B – 14 reps at 80lbs
    D/4 – 12:43 at +3 and 50lbs.

  16. Squatted 400
    Workout A 9:11 RX

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