May 15, 2013
I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting a small local fitness competition June 1st from approximately 830am to 12 noon.  Invitations have been sent to Port City, CrossFit Wilmington, CrossFit Reignited and Down East Athletics.
This will be very small and informal, with nothing along the lines of sponsors, food, etc BUT there is no entry fee.  This is free to all invited guests.  Social beers for any who choose to hang around afterwards.
In addition to being a chance to meet and compete with some other nearby CrossFits, This event will serve as a Beta-Testing ground for some of the ideas we hope to implement at a later, larger show.
FORMAT: Mixed gender Teams of 4 (2m, 2f) will compete across all the events (at least 5 to be determined) in the order of their choosing. Teams MUST complete all events within the allocated time frame or forfeit the event. Each event will demand some participation from each team member.   Scaling permitted, but the scaling team cannot finish ahead of any team that completes all elements prescribed.
SCORING: We will use the 100pts/ percentage basis.  Winner of the event gets 100 Points, every team that follows gets a score based on how close their results were to the winner.  For example:  If the Wod is Max rep Pullups and the winning team gets 80 pullups, and my team gets 60 pullups.  The winner gets 100 points for their efforts, my team gets 75 points for 3/4 of the winner’s efforts.

Tentative EVENTS as follows (Numbers/Loads/Distances all subject to change, but you get the jist of it)
1) Tire Complex–For Time, Each Athlete Completes 1 Trip through the following:
60m Tire drag/60 m backwards tire drag/10 Tire flips.  Different weights for Male/Female Athletes. SCALE will be reduced weights.  Distances will stay the same.
2) Agility Ladder/Shuttle Run– Against a 7 minute clock One athlete at a Time- max reps of a 5 m shuttle run.  When the athletes need to switch out the must navigate a fairly simple agility ladder sequence to tag their next teammate in.  No scale necessary in this event.
3)Max Reps Thrusters in 1 Minute- 155/100.  Every athletes numbers contribute to the team score. Scaled Loads are 105/75.
4)Bodyweight  Team Grab Bag- 4 Actions/30 reps.  Teams choose which member performs each action- Burpee Box Jumps 24/20, Toes To Bar, Pullups, Handstand Pushups.  Every Athlete precedes and follows his/her action with a 200 m run. So athlete A Runs 200m, completes 30 reps of one of the above, runs 200 m again and tags his teammate who then runs 200, completes her action, runs 200 and tags and so on. Scaled actions are Burpee Step Ups/Knees To Chest/Pullups with Fixed assistance 1 red band for Athletes Under 150lbs/ 2 Red bands for Athletes over 150 lbs/Shoulder to overhead @ 66%/50% bodyweight)
5) Row/Medball Throw- Details To be determined.
You are all encouraged to participate.  Assemble your team ASAP!  Lastly, I need a handful of meanspirited people eager and willing to no-rep people.  Judging does not mean you cant also compete.


  1. Back squat 232

    Helen sub burpees for pull-ups
    Last time— couple weeks or so ago— 13:19

  2. Helen 9:00rx 17 seconds slower than feb. in my defense I had some serious abdominal issues mounting during the wod. Just ask Brock about my last pull-up.

  3. 13:36 rx’d PR, but not by much – Feb 13:58

  4. 10:50 with 20# vest

    • Show off!!!

    • Well done.

    • Nick, do you remember your Reg Helen time? I’m wondering how much the vest affected things.

      • No clue

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