Friday 5-17-13: Double Metcons. Saturday, Team Games. Competition Notes.

May 17, 2013

Work Capacity A —  Last performed 1-11-13

1 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95

1 Toes to Bar

2 Shoulder to Overhead

2 Toes to Bar

3 S2O

3 T2B

etc etc for 10 minutes.

WORK CAPACITY B — Last performed on 1-17-13

Against a 10 minute clock-  50 Wallballs, 50 Burpees, 50 Situps, Sumo Deadlift @ 225/155 (touch and go) with any time remaining.

Saturday-  10 to 12 noon.  Team games (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH OUR JUNE 1 AFFILIATE COMPETITION).   Open gym/do your own thing still applies, but we will also reinstitute Team Games which is a very informal affair.  Anyone interested who shows up will be placed on one of two or more teams and we’ll make up events on the spot.  Scaleable, wholesome fun.  EVERYONE is encouraged to come out and participate.
Competition notes:  Please be proactive and assemble your team of 4 asap.  You can and should take a dry run at some of these wods ahead of time.  If we get down to the wire and people need teams I will help you arrange things, but it’d be better if you didnt let it come down to that.  Just like the prom, you can ask or you can wait to be asked, or you can leave a note in Suzi or Johnny’s locker after 3rd period Trig.


  1. WOD B first 150 reps
    WOD A 7 GTO = 1 T2B

    • Larry, it looks like an audible was called after our 6am punishment. G2O was changed to Shoulder2O. Scores are really good considering.

  2. A=95 reps Rx
    Unfortunately I was saving the world in Uganda last time we performed these wods so no comparison for me.

  3. B- 138
    A- 53@60lbs

  4. B- 117 it is pathetic (for me) but better then I thought I would do.
    A- 88 reps Rxd. My shoulder doesn’t feel horrible. I call that a win.

  5. I went 8:28 through Metcon B (did not do Metcon A so I was fresh) Neal was 924. Mike P. Regional Athlete (guest from Lexington NC) blistered a 742 with unbroken Sumo deads.

  6. Squatastic: 25 BS (135), 25 FS (95), 25 OHS (65), 25 Thrusters (65)
    Feb- 12:19
    May- 7:58

  7. A: 7+ rounds for 65 Rx’d
    B: 164 Rx’d

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