Wod For Wednesday 5-22-13

May 22, 2013

Recall that at 6am, it’s uncoached, with Jade on hand to answer questions.  At 1230 and 130 it’s Abby coaching.  If you;re sick of my face, wednesday is YOUR day.



15 Minutes to establish your 20 RM Backsquat, or as we often call it, the toughest 2 to 3 minutes of your life.   This staple has been out of the rotation during the strength bias but is one of my favorite fitness tests. Stand at the top as long as you like.  20 Reps.  Dont undershoot.

Work-  AMRAP in 10 Minutes

10 Sandbag Reverse Lunges– 5 r 5 l.   (Guys 1-40lb Sandbag, Girls 1-20 Lb med Ball or Dumbell)  Mounted over 1 shoulder or in the front rack.  

10 HR Pushups

10 Grasshoppers

10 Situps



  1. I was JUST talking about 20 rm back squat yesterday!! I rarely use this word, but EPIC!

    • Totes!

  2. 170
    Disappointed. I should have gone heavier.

    I made up yesterday’s work portion. 5:58 at 115. Wow! It was super superheavy!

    • Why didn’t you?

      • I thought it was gonna be harder. It was up from 165 which I really really really struggled on last time. I got done and could still function though. Really, I should have gone heavier…. Boo.

  3. Went to the loop and ran sprints and the loop. Pulled Steve, Jeff and Paul out with me. Jeff is ready for the GoRuck it appears. Me, not so much.

    • Still time, still time.

  4. 20 rep BS = 155lbs
    Work = 129; slower than everyone else, but I did stick with strict HR pushups — my quads hate me for it.

    • On July 23, 2012 I did 20 RM BS @ 135 so big improvement today. Does anyone know if we did this any other time between 7/23/12 and now?

      • Thanks Kate! So I got 20 RM BS @ 140 in Nov.

  5. Kathleen – we did it in November
    20 reps at 105, up from 90 in November
    220. I suck at push-ups

  6. 20rep BS- 95 lbs up from 70 in November

    Work: 235

    • Michelle That is a HUGE gain! Nice job dawg.

  7. Did my 1rm test out. Got 205 up from 195.

    Work 290 with 25 lbs

    • So I could have done my 1 RM test out today?!? I thought that ship had sailed since I missed all last week.

      P.S. Ask Abby what her SJ 3×3 number was today….I almost fell over when she told me.

  8. 145 reps- 40lb R lunges and strict HR push-ups

  9. 275 x 20, maybe had 5 more elbees, but pretty close.

    210 reps on metcon.

  10. 20 RM back squat @ 155

  11. Did this today, still not 100% better, but felt OK

    230 reps

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