WOD for Wed 5-29-13

May 29, 2013

Stolen from Mainsite

For time

5 Shoulder press

10 Overhead Squats

15 Push Press

20 Front Squats

25 Push Jerks (no splitting)

30 Back Squats

@ 115/80


Rest to recovery, then:

For time, as many trips through the following as you like.

30 second Handstand Hold

Carry 3 Cloth (40 lb) sandbags across two, 12 foot balance beams.

Return on opposite balance beams.

1 Athlete at a time.  No scale from male to female loads.

This is experimental stuff.   Your feedback on the efficacy and difficulty of the wod is appreciated.  Please make your opinion known in the “COMMENTS” section.





  1. Legs are loving this week!

    Work 10:44rx

    Handstand hold balance beam 1:44/1:33
    My 2 cents: while I didn’t do to swell at this exercise I do see a value in it since balance is one of the ten elements of fitness. I would prefer the beams to have been fastened so they aren’t so wobbly but maybe that is part of the challenge. Some athletes will find a level of lightheadedness coming off the invert which will make the balancing difficult. You could also include the option of carrying more bags at once so an athlete could take less trips with more weight. Just an idea.

  2. 13 even Rx- my jerks were horrible but I made sure I wasn’t push pressing and actually jerking each rep. Honestly, it sounds ass backwards but it really did slow me down a bit.

    2:05- I had a difficult time balancing… But it definitely didn’t get me winded or anything. It was fun though!

  3. 14:38 WOD. 115 felt heavy on the overhead squats. whew!
    1:24 sand bag run. wanted to re run this one. fell off the first time. i know i can do it faster

  4. Work – 12:33 (scaled to 95lb presses) squats scaled to 30 air squats instead of OH, then 20 back squats at 95, then 30 air squats/15 @95.

    Play time: 1:33. This was fun. Would love to see a head to head option, team option or 3-5 RFT.

  5. work – 11:37 @ 65lbs (OHS not quite to parallel)

    1:47 handstand/beam

    Then was able to get a freestanding handstand on the beam!

    I think adding a 30 sec handstand hold in between each round and/or holding the bag the whole time & navigate the beams without getting off would make it even more challenging

  6. I agree with pp, I liked the handstand/beam thing (as much as I can like anything that makes me go upside down) but it could be more challenging

    • Maybe an unbalanced load or more time inverted?

  7. 724 on the overhead/squat medley. Thanks for the balance beam feedback.

  8. 20:02 on the OH/squat Rx’d AND ALL BY MYSELF with Abby watching, encouraging, coaching the whole way through.

    Handstand/Balance beam = 3:03 or something like that, but honestly wasn’t really moving fast at all.

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