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WOD for Friday 6-28-13 Friday 5 and 6pm cancelled.

June 28, 2013

Please note that the Friday 5 and 6pm classes are cancelled.  Saturday Open Gym will most likely be rescheduled into next weekend.


Teams of 2 complete the following tasks for time

Team Member 1- KB Farmers Carry 200 m M-2x24kg, W-2x16kg

Team Member 2- KB Farmers Carry 200 m M-2x24kg, W-2x16kg

Combined 200- Situps (split any way you like) Partners can secure feet.

Combined 100- Burpees

Combined 50- Sandbag Get-ups 60/40

200 M Partner Carry.  Athletes cannot advance until one is suspended on the other.



June 26, 2013


3 Attempts at the following

1) vertical Jump

2) 10 M. dash

3) Med Ball throw for distance (m-40, w-30)

4) Standing broad jump

1 Attempt at Max reps KB Swing.  m-70, w-53


Every 30 Seconds for 10 minutes:  1 Snatch. Work Up as good form permits

Then: EMOM for 10 Minutes- Top Down 3 position Clean, Split Jerk Right Foot Lead, Soplit Jerk Left Foot Lead.

Friday:  Please be advised that there is a strong chance that we will cancel the 5 and 6 pm classes for Friday 6-28.  I should know more tomorrow or Thursday, so please check back.


Some great numbers today:  Cam, Greg, Jason Weeks, Rick C. and Bob F. had some standout efforts.  Adelynn destroyed some sh*t.  Good work across the board, athletes!


WODs for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6-24, 25, 26-13

June 24, 2013

Monday- Cindy or Grace.  Then work a weakness.

Tuesday- Max reps in 3 minutes of the actions below.  10 Minute rest between actions.

Thrusters @ 95/65


Front Squats @ 115/75

Full Stop Push Press @ 105/70

Wednesday- 3 Attempts at each action.  

1) Vertical Jump

2) Med Ball Throw

3) Standing Broad Jump

4) 10 Meter Dash

5) Max reps KBS in 30 seconds 70/53 ( 1 attempt only)



WOD for Friday 6-21-13 Saturday Open Gym 10-12. Sunday Open Gym 11-1.

June 21, 2013

Strength- For Completion.  Clean Pulls (Deadlift into the jump&shrug)

60% of  1rm clean x 10

70% x 8

80% x 6

90% x 4

100% x 2

Work- 5 RFT  10 Burpees, 20 Alternate Arm KB or DB Snatches(DB 40/25,  KB 35/25), Balance Beam down and back.


WOD for Thursday 6-20-13

June 20, 2013

For time

25 Pullups

Row 1 Mile (1600 m)

25 Pullups

Run 1 Mile

25 Pullups



15 Pullups

Row 1200

15 Pullups

Run 1200

15 Pullups


WODS for Tuesday and Wednesday 6-18/19-13

June 18, 2013


Technique- 12 Minutes to find your max Split Jerk WITH PERFECT TECHNIQUE.  No muscle-ing it out.  

Strength- Shoulder Press Clusters:  1 rep every 15 Seconds x 5 @ 75-85%.  X 3 Total.  2 Mins Between each cluster.

Work-10 Rounds for time- 20 Double Unders/ 2 Wall Walk ups.


Technique- 12 Minutes.  4x Hang Clean Touch and Go Doubles for load/technique.  Advance only as long as your technique remains solid.   

Strength- Front Squat Clusters @ 75-85% 1 rep every 15 seconds x 5 x 3 clusters.  2 mins between clusters.

Work– Run 400, 40 Wallballs, 40 Grasshoppers for time.



WOD for Monday 6-17-13 2 New Benchmark Choices GRACE or CINDY. And used bumpers for sale

June 17, 2013

GRACE  is:  30 Clean and Jerks (Floor to Overhead) @ 135/95

CINDY is:  AMRAP in 20 of 5 Pullups/10 Pushups (Hand Release)/15 Air Squats


GRACE favors the larger and stronger and good times are Guys Sub 3, Girls Sub 4, so this is (or at least CAN be) very short.

CINDY is longer than I typically like, 20 minutes is out past competition length, but a very good test of sustained work just below the anaerobic border.

One note:  1230 and 130 sessions, GRACE must be performed on the lifting platforms.


Lastly, I have a few hundred pounds of damaged but functioning bumper plates that I am going to sell via Craigslist.  But if any members want them, you get first pick.  1$/per lb keeps the math easy.  Please let me know.