WOD For Monday and Tuesday June 3 & 4, 2013

June 4, 2013

Monday-  Athlete’s Choice:

Elizabeth — 21-15 – 9  Squat cleans 135/95,  Rung dips.

Jackie– Row 1k, 50 Thrusters @ 45/30, 30 pullups



Strength- Max Reps Push Press in 3 minutes 105/75.  Today only, push press must stop in the front rack (so no rebound reps)

Technique- 10 Minutes:  Turkish Get-up Instruction or review and practice.

Work- 4 rounds of 3 minutes on, two minutes off max reps.  Work chose at random, grab-bag/hopper style.




  1. WOD Elizabeth 15:14 Personal Best for me

  2. Elizabeth 13:47. 1:30 slower than nov. clearly wasn’t on my game today.

  3. Elizabeth in 17:29 @ 85lbs

    Checked the archives and found the following recordings: Elizabeth @ 65lbs and ring pushups off the box in 14:30 on Feb 13, 2012 and Elizabeth @ 80lbs and ring pushups in 16:16 on Nov 2, 2012 so a little slower than Nov, but 5lbs heavier and still having back issues. Could hardly walk afterwards today. Ice and advil are my new best friends.

  4. Went to Crossfit Vise in Council Bluffs, IA

    3 RFT
    25 DUs
    20 HSPU (I subbed ring push-ups)
    15 T2B
    10 S2O @ 95
    5 reverse lunges each leg/front rack @ 95

    191 Reps in 15min cutoff- no of the guys went over 95 and the Rx wait for them was 135?! I strung T2B like a champ! I was stoked!

    • Today we did a warm up that lasted for 45 mins… Wow. Then an AMRAP in 7 mins to 1 rope climb (25 feet) and 1 squat clean, 1 rope climb, 2 squat cleans etc Rx at 225/135. I got 3 rounds + 1 rope climb at 115. No one was even CLOSE to the Rx weights.

  5. Elizabeth : 10:59

    Felt good today , PR by 3 minutes

    • Awesome, rick! Big drop!

    • Well done Rick! Nice post vacation PR!

  6. Turkish get up 53lb kb

    3 mins push press no rebound at 105=38reps

    4 mins to complete each action
    600m row
    50 knee raises
    50 hang cleans at 95
    100 DU’rs
    All completed in allotted time

  7. Tuesday WOD

    Max Push Press in 3 min @95lbs . #52

    Luck of the cards WOD
    600 run
    50 n2chest
    50 hang cleans
    100 DU did not finish hang cleans in time frame

  8. First time doing Jackie. I have avoided her for years because I hate rowing, thrusters, and pull ups. (As J. Kapusta stated: Throw in some KBS and this is everything you hate.)

    I finished in 10:25 I did not push the row hard at all and probably could have suffered more on the thrusters.

  9. 3 min max Push Press @ 70lbs: 32

    50 knee raises; 35 burpees; 600m run; 100 dus – completed all (knee raises & burpees with 5 seconds to spare!)

  10. 3 mins push press no rebound at 70 = 31 reps; I loaded the bar with 75lbs, Brock said I was only suppose to go with 70 so maybe he changed the weight after he posted — ??

    4 mins to complete each action
    50 over the box = completed all
    50 wallballs = INCOMP; got 41
    35 Burpees = INCOMP; gave up after 15 b/c my back was hurting
    50 Hang Cleans @ 65 = INCOMP; got 30

    Whitney finished all actions with time to spare….she’s awesome!

  11. Elizabeth – 11:25 at 70lbs/RPU – about a minute and a half slower than November, but I’ll take it
    3 min pp – 24
    Run, Knee raises, hang cleans, subbed another run for DUs

  12. 30 push presses at 85 lbs (I did this heavier because I often struggle with heavier met cons in competitions)

    Finished all of the actions at 1:30.

    • Also went on a 3 mile ruck with Cooper (my trusty golden workout partner).

      • I saw the cutest golden-poodle puppy yesterday!! The owner said he would only get to be about 30lbs. Trying to imagine what it will look like when it is full grown…

      • Ask Adelynn! She’s got two of them! If they’re anything like our golden, they will grow up to be hyperactive and annoying.

  13. Did Jackie on Friday 12:33 (first time)
    Max Reps Push press = 33 @ 70lbs
    4 mins we got:
    50 hanging knee raises Completed
    35 burpees completed
    600m run incomplete
    300 singles incomplete by 6 jumps – came in late from run which screwed my jumps

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