WOD for Friday 6-7-13

June 7, 2013

This is a chipper we’ve run before in the opposite order.  100 down to 10.  As we are a fitter and stronger group there are some changes:

  • Deadlifts are up 50 and 30 lbs respectively. 
  • Plate press @ 45/25 replaced by push press @ 95/65

Additionally because of bad weather the run is out and a 400 m row is in.

Hard cap of 40 minutes. I admire your will to finish, even if you dont make the cap, but today you should have nothing left if you hit 40 minutes.  If you DO have something left, you shouldve pushed harder.


10 Deadlifts 275/185

20 Burpees

30 Push Press 95/65

400 M row

50 Box Jumps (touch the ground) 24/20

60 Kettlebell Swings 53/35

70 Pushups

80 Situps

90 Airsquats

100 Double unders





  1. This is one of my favorites – third time doing it. A chipper with no wallballs or pullups! Push presses were much harder/slower than plate presses. 37:05 w singles and 160# deadlifts – 6 min slower than in october

  2. 29:15rx
    3 mins slower than the reverse order. I’d be curious to hear how others compare to previous times. Sept 29, 2012=26:06 & June 4, 2012=27:41

    • Me too. I didn’t find it any harder in reverse, just slower during the barbell portions

      • It is 50/40 lbs heavier which will make it much slower for everyone. Don’t be discouraged.

  3. 28:54 but I did front squats instead of dead lifts. Last time I got 31:59 and first time I got 30:48.

  4. 39:18 RX had to wait on the Push Press. Work in with the 1st group. But it was a little wait not sisignificant.
    Sept 2012 37:89 scaled DU to singles.
    great work out!

  5. 35:43 rx’d – 4 min slower than last year – 100 dus took 5 minutes & usually takes me less than 2. I want to redo this again in 100 – 10 order to compare to last year.

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