Friday news and notes. PS- Some of you need to Meet the Floor, more often.

June 14, 2013

Everyone’s favorite Seaman (haha….Seaman) Mike Rhode returns for a day tomorrow at 7am.  Or so we hear.  Multiple thursday night scenarios at The Fat Pelican, The Sea Witch or KKG Sorority may derail the plan.

The WOD is

STRENGTH-  Sumo Deadlift  3×5 for load.

WORK- 8 Minute AMRAP of 8 Deadlifts 225/155, 8 Over the Bar Burpees.

The above workout is two movements that are simple in nature, not technically complex in any way.  The  deadlift load should be scaled if the athlete cant go touch and go for 8 unbroken reps on a relatively steady pace (no huge pauses at the top, eyeballs not popping out of your head from  intensity etc).  The net effect should be a rapid rise in metabolic elevation (things should be hard at the end of the first round) EARLY in the workout and they should stay difficult for the duration.  If you can talk to your neighboring athlete about how hard the workout is, YOU’RE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH.  A one syllable profanity here and there is fine, but any extended movie quotes, and comparison to “that one workout back in April” and you have more to give.  In an 8 minute wod, there s no need to go get water, search for chalk or find some elaborate wardrobe issue to fix.  Zipper’s stuck? Need  a long cool drink?  Who cares, fix it in 4 minutes, when you’re done.   Slap your hands in chalk, fast sip as your transition and then back in.    At the end, you should meet the floor up close and personal.  If you never do this in your CrossFit life, you have A LOT of room to work harder.

This is not to be confused with sloppy reps or bad technique.   The safety of the deadlift is directly related to spinal extension (flat back, for our purposes) and if you cant control when your back is flat at a given weight, then please DROP the weight until you can.  Please ask any questions in the COMMENTS section.




  1. great Mo#%@r F#%@*in post…i will be suckin it up now…8 minutes!? nothing.

  2. Nothing gets your day started on the right foot like a sustained hug from Delaware Mike (aka mike rhode). Watch the release of Man of Steel last night. Got home at 3am. Don’t recommend that. Gave it 3 stars.

    Dl’s kept it pretty light. 185, 225, 225

    Work 125 reps scaled to 185. My back is feeling better but I’m not gonna push it.

  3. What can I do instead of deadlifts? Not even sure I can do burpees. They hurt my back too much last week (or the week before)…I can’t remember.

    • I showed up late (sorry Brock) and just worked on technique: wallballs, double unders and row.

  4. SDL- 2325–5×160, 5×155, 5×150
    Work- 86@100lb
    GHD- 2×10

  5. SDL: 185 x 5 x 3 = 2775
    work: 65 @ 155/135
    GHD – 2 x 10

  6. Sumo DL – 4725

    Work – 125 Rx

    • Correction

      Work – 120 Rx

  7. The floor is dirty

    DL – 170x5x3
    SP – 50, 50, 52, 57
    BS – 100, 120, 120, 120

    93 reps at 120 lbs

    • Kate, I keep the floor dirty to encourage you to get off it quickly. Basically, I’m doing YOU a favor.

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