WOD for Monday 6-17-13 2 New Benchmark Choices GRACE or CINDY. And used bumpers for sale

June 17, 2013

GRACE  is:  30 Clean and Jerks (Floor to Overhead) @ 135/95

CINDY is:  AMRAP in 20 of 5 Pullups/10 Pushups (Hand Release)/15 Air Squats


GRACE favors the larger and stronger and good times are Guys Sub 3, Girls Sub 4, so this is (or at least CAN be) very short.

CINDY is longer than I typically like, 20 minutes is out past competition length, but a very good test of sustained work just below the anaerobic border.

One note:  1230 and 130 sessions, GRACE must be performed on the lifting platforms.


Lastly, I have a few hundred pounds of damaged but functioning bumper plates that I am going to sell via Craigslist.  But if any members want them, you get first pick.  1$/per lb keeps the math easy.  Please let me know.



  1. We may be interested in bumper plates – I’d like to take a look and see how damaged they are

  2. Brock can I buy a set of 25s and 10s?

  3. Grace 3:58rx
    Previous grace 5:33rx on 5/16/12

    Worked on butterfly. Still stink at it.

  4. Grace in 2:39. PR is 2:38. Second 1 second PR miss in as many weeks.

  5. Grace 5:37 at 80lbs. Last time was 2:58 at 65lbs

  6. Cindy – 13 rounds + 1 pull up rx’d – PR

  7. Grace in 3:53 which is down from 4:08.

    Then a did a 6 minute amrap of 6 HSPU and 6 Pistols. Got 6 rounds. Pistols were tough.

  8. Cindy: 11 rounds +5PU +2 assistance…
    did in November 10rounds @ +3 assistance

  9. Cindy – 16 rounds and got through8 squats of round 17. 1st time doing Cindy that I can remember… will start posting more often to keep track!

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