WOD for Tuesday 7-2-13

July 2, 2013


Hi Gang!  Whitney here.  I usually leave the blog postings to Brock (the whittier of the 2 Wilson’s), but I couldn’t help but get really excited about some amazing ninja-type sh*t that happened today at CFCB.  In no particular order:

  • Lili strolled into the 5 pm and proved that pistols were no match for this Cuban girl!  She performed rx’d pistols during Mary.  She later got her first hand stand pushup.
  • Bob and Jason, after completing Diane with the much harder “scale” of wall-walkups, also got their first hand stand push ups!
  • Clay finally got his HSPU to full range while his bride-to-be, Britini, killed the pistols rxd in Mary (and looked oh-so-sexy doing it!)
  • Kristen F. focused on form while using the band to scale her pistols during the workout today, but when the timer was off, she was able to perform them without assistance.
  • Wendy did some focused practice on her kip and got 2 consecutive HSPUs!

I came home this evening and was so excited to tell Brock about all of your accomplishments.  Although part of me thinks he was slightly jealous, he was just as proud as I was.  Thank you for using “work on your weakness time” wisely.  It has certainly paid off!

A- 50 Hang Power Snatches @ 95/65 scored by fewest drops.  (Max 10 drops, Cap 10 Minutes No Stacking)

B- 4×8 Close Grip Bench Press for load

C- AMRAP in 5 –  5 Squat Cleans 95/65, 5 Box Jumps (touch the ground) 24/20

Wednesday- Freddy’s Revenge.

Thursday-  Beach WOD 10 to 12 noon. See Monday’s post below for details.  Address to be announced.  Your family obligations will still be there at 1230.



  1. 3 drops (9)
    5920 185x4x8
    30 reps

  2. 3 drops (8)
    6280 bench
    55 reps

  3. A – 3 drops (10)
    B – 2480 (1@70 and 3@80 weak sauce!)
    C – 55 –> I stepped up 2x on the box so I subtracted it from my last set… If I had not stepped up it would have been 57.

    • LILO – you keep getting better and you rock!

  4. A) 0 Drops
    B) 8×225, 8×275, 8×275, 6×275 = 7850
    C) 48

    • Wow!!!!!

    • Yea! Wow. For real!
      (brock here)

  5. I subbed a different snatch workout for A
    B) 2800 (90x8x2 + 85x8x2)
    C) 43 reps at 85 lbs

  6. A) Completed 50 Rx – 4 drops (40)
    B) 8×65; 8×75; 8×80; 6×80
    NOTE: week of April 22 – 3×77; 3×72; 3×75. I am pleased with this growth!
    C) 52 Rx


  7. A: only got 44 reps
    B: 8-115 8-125 8-115 8-115
    C: 50

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