Beach wod details. Please rsvp in the comments section, even if you have already done so verbally.

July 4, 2013

Our host’s address is 341 atlantic ave.  That’d be waterfront in Kure beach.  If you are on the island, consider walking or biking or securing parking nearby.  Wilmington attendees please arrive at the gym at 930.  We will carpool and move some equipment from CFCB to Kure Beach.  Please make every effort to be on time.  We will set the teams up with an eye towards balancing strengths and weaknesses and latecomers really screw that up.  For that same reason, please rsvp below even if you told me face to face you were coming.

Family and kids welcome to watch but theres enough terminology and technique that we want to keep participation exclusive to people who CrossFit.

Please note, while the wod is free, please chip in $5 if you plan to eat so our host isnt losing money.  Also, people carpooling, bear in mind that those of you staying to eat will return later than those that just wod.

Dress to get wet, possibly including your shoes.  We will have at least one event where there is a swimming component but please opt out if short swims in shallow water make you feel unsafe.



  1. I am in! But no water for me!! Sean R.

  2. I’m in for the WOD! Meet you all at the gym!

  3. Lester and I are in!

  4. I’ll be there

  5. I will be meet you at the gym
    ~ andrea

  6. Bob…I’m in.

  7. Will be there…

  8. Ryan and I (and possibly my brother Brian) are in for the wod only. We’ll be on the island and will meet everyone there.

  9. I’m in

  10. I’m in

  11. I’m there (Jason Wade).. meeting at the house at 10

  12. On second thought, I’ll meet you there. Sorry for the change in plans.

  13. I’ll be there.

  14. I will meet you at the gym, but can only do the wod

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