WOD for Wednesday 7-16-13

July 17, 2013

A– After Warming up and reviewing technique, take 12 minutes to perform 5 Reps of No Step Box Jumps; then 5 Reps of One-Step Box Jumps.  These are single effort, step down, full recovery box jumps.  You are not cycling 5 reps, but taking near (not total) maximal effort single jumps. Go as high as you SAFELY can.   2 Scores- single highest no step and single highest one step jump.


B– Every other minute on the minute

3 Touch And Go Deadlifts  (No Drops!) @ 275/185 (Minutes 1,3,5,7,9)

5 Touch The Ground Box Jumps @ 24/20  (Minutes 2,4,6,8,10)


C- For Completion: 25 Tempo Controlled GHD Back Extensions. Tempo @  2-2-2-2



  1. standing jump 42
    walk up jump 46 1/2
    standing jump at 46 1/2 failed, my head got in the way
    was able to string 8 butterfly pull ups in a row. PR

  2. Nice numbers Larry!

  3. Did the jumps. Stopped short because of my tendency to be stupid and end up with legs that look like they have gone through the shredder.

    Did the workout Rx.

  4. Skipped the jumps and worked on cleans instead. Did the workout at 170, still able to jump on the box at least for now…..

  5. No step =46 1/2″

  6. standing jump 29 1/2 – chickened out – that’s all I have to say about that…

    work – 3 rounds 155, 1 round 165 & 1 round 170

  7. No step 34
    Step 35 1/2
    Workout: Rx dead lifts and i used the guys box jump

  8. No step- 31″…ran out of time, could have done more & didn’t get to 1step jump

    Work- DL @140, box-23 1/2″

  9. 23″ and 135 on DL

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