WOD for FRIDAY 7-26-13.

July 26, 2013

For Time:

Run 800 Meters

10 Pushups/20 Situps x 10 Rounds

Run 800 Meters

Expect some new warmup movements.  6x per day has me bored to death with our warmup.  Dont worry, you’ll like it.



  1. Tasty lookin’ WOD

  2. Yay for new warmups!!! Great idea! 😀

    • We’ll see. Last time we tried this, the collective bitching blocked out the sun.

  3. 19:19 at the mini gym

  4. I don’t remember my time (21 something?) but good workout! This week has been fun.

  5. 27:20 of torture. The ass rash did make me forget how sore I am. For a little while at least.

  6. 24:… Something…

  7. 1230 let me jump in with them, and I went 1853. Greg B TOTD at 1720, Scott Stalls next in the low 18’s.

  8. Greigh TOTD at 20:34

    • Whoop whoop!

  9. 20:59

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