WODS FOR 2 WEEKS. 7-29 to 8-9. Metcon Contest details inside

July 29, 2013

As we round out this metcon focused period we’ll do so with  bang.  A “best of”/”greatest hits” type of programming pulling some of my favorite metabolic conditioning workouts from the past and throwing them into a frantic and intense two weeks.  At the end of this period we will resume our strength bias with a format to be determined, but the first week of that format will be establishing our 1 rep maxes, a process which is not quite as intense.  So hang in there over the next 12 days, you get a (relative) break immediately afterwards.

To make it interesting we’ll make a contest out of it: On each weekday through the next two weeks you, the athlete, will have a choice of two wods.  Whichever wod you dont choose this week, you’ll complete next week.  Most of these WODS bang on you pretty hard, so apply all your recovery protocols.  There ARE some less demanding workouts at various points and the wod you choose on a given day may be impacted by the previous day’s effort. So the path you choose likely WILL impact your final score.

To that end, here’s how the scoring system  will work:  

Time/Score of the day will be awarded the highest points.  Those points will be equal to the number of members who participated in the wod that day. So if Greigh and Jason get the best score on Tuesday and 18 women and 24 men did the workout, Greigh gets 18 points and Jason gets 24.  At the end of 8 Wods (tu,w,th,f x 2 weeks) total points is the winner, with each gender represented. If you dont miss a wod you cant score that day, So frequency matters! Open Gym Makeups ARE accepted.  Winners Gets a for sale TShirt of their choice.

Scaling is permitted permitted, but doing so puts you behind any competitor that completes the wod Rxd.  That said, please scale as technique demands.  Dont injure yourself, even for 100% cotton, athletically cut, high thread count beauty.

I’d like every competitor to be judged, preferably by a member of the opposite gender. Failure to get a judge may result in a small (5-10%) point deduction for that day.  

Your schedule is below:
MONDAY-  Repeat Benchmark from among the following:

A) For Time: 10-8-6-4-2 Squat Clean to Thruster @ 135/95, Strict Pullups BW+25/BW (last performed on 10-12-12)
B) NASCAR.  5 RFT For time/10 min cap. 8 Back Squats 225/145, 8 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95. Last performed 11-22-13)

A)PUSH/PULL 15-10-5 of the following Three Pairs: 1st HSPU/PULLUP, 2nd Ring Dips (guys) RING PUSHUPS (Girls)/Bent Rows 135/95, 3rd Close Grip Bench Press 135/95, Ring Rows
B)KELLY (lite) 3 RFT of 400m run, 30 Box Jumps 24/20, 30 Wallballs 20/14

A) For time 21-15-9 Deadlift 275/185, Box Jumps 30/24
B) Row 1k, 100 Double Unders, 100 Situps

A)For Time: 400 Meter Run, 75 Snatches 80/50
B)For Time: 25 Back Squats 185/135, 25 Front Squats 135/95, 25 Overhead Squats 95/65, 25 Thrusters 95/65.



  1. Equally stated “holy shit”!
    ~ Clark & Andrea

    • You’ll have fun!

    • Ditto!!!! Looks like a tough two weeks. My goal is to get back into the gym M-F consistently and suffer through all these workouts with minimal bitching. Oh yeah, and by doing this I will be helping some lucky female (TOTD’er) get an extra point for the day.

  2. Elizabeth 10:53 RX . PR . Last time around 15 and change

  3. Grace = 5:16. Determined I keep spotty records at best. Might do this again next week just to see if I can speed it up. That or Fran.. I actually know my times for Fran.

  4. Jackie 11:33 Rx. Last time (6/8/13) 13:28 with +1 band for pull ups.
    and boom goes the dynamite…

  5. Jackie 8:33

  6. Fran – 11:22 with black band for pullup assistance; My PR was back in Jan 2013 (10 mins. with +4 band assistance). Only things that I think were different today is the heat and maybe the fact that Michaela wasn’t there?!?! Actually, I think my lack of consistency over the summer and my back injury a few months ago could also explain the difference in time. I felt good about keeping my rest intervals minimal today — thanks for all the advice Brock!!

    • That was a well executed game plan Kathleen.

  7. Are the dates correct for Tuesdays wods? I was trying to look up old scores but no luck.

    • I have down 10/09 we did it along with Shoulder press, push press and split jerks

      • Thanks Larry! Found it

  8. Annie – 8:05 rx’d (last Mon 7:56 – wrong on board)

    rested about 10 minutes then

    Jackie – 16:24 rx’d (about 2 minutes slower than PR)

    pulled into Wilmington from Hatteras 1 hr before doing the above – 6 days of vacation gluttony to work off

    • Tues – Nascar – 72 reps @ 115/65 (last time 70 @ 115/65)

      • COOL!

  9. Monday
    Nancy 16:18 RX’d

  10. Jackie – 11:14 with black band on pullups. Last time was September 1 (pre-pregnancy) at 13:02 rxd (and with 45# thrusters instead of 30#).

    Grace – 5:35 at 70#. Last time was May 17, 2012….4:15

  11. nascar RX 69 PR last done 4/22/13 52

  12. 64 at 115/65 today
    48 at 115/75 in April
    50 at 115/65 in October

  13. NASCAR scaled 145/95 – 9:05 need to get my squats back up

  14. Tuesday- wod A 11:15@ 65 and black band.

  15. Fran in 3:18 (PR is 304) 235 with 9 pullups to go, and couldnt grip well enough to make sub 3 happen. Missed two attempts. Small consolation that I was ahead of schedule by a few seconds at the end of 9 thrusters.

    • Impressive!

      • Thank you Clark. I’m still coughing at 933 pm.

  16. Monday – Fran 8:55 Rx
    Tuesday – option A – 12:33 115/strict pull-ups

  17. Tuesday. NASCAR 6:35

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