WOD for Thursday 8-1-13 Welcome to August

August 1, 2013

first and foremost, thanks to everyone who cooperated and made today flow smoothly.  Push/Pull is a complex workout.  Apologies for running slightly long.

Secondly, Expect to scale a lot in these next two weeks.  The pace and intensity of these days is harder than normal.  We are foregoing the two periods of technique focus that a typical week usually has.  So, the wods themselves aren’t any worse, but the one after the other with no break is different/harder.  Hang in there and scale is necessary.

A great example is Thursday;s WOD A.

21-15-9 Deadlift 275/185, Box Jump 30″/24″

This WOD was in the CF games regional competition in both 2011 and 2013, except the loads were 315/205.  Both movements are high on the intensity meter, so scale one or both as necessary.  This is a tough workout.

Not as impactful, is workout B:  Row 1k, 100 Double Unders, 100 Situps.  Not as devastating as option A, but if you are sore from “Nascar your plates” or the Squat Clean to thruster ladder you may want to back off the heavy weights for a day.


Please post scores/comment below.



  1. 14:01 1000 row, 100 DU, 100 siupp

    I did singles (300)

    Just a horrible time

  2. 13:16 – 225DL + 30″ Box Jumps.

  3. I did the row/DU/Situp workout yesterday in 11:20. I took it a little too easy on the row in hopes of saving myself for the double unders which ended up sucking anyway.

    Did the DL/BJ workout this morning in 9:38 Rxd. That sucked.

  4. DL/BJ at RX in 7:50. I don’t care if anyone beats my time because I am happy with it. 🙂 I ❤ deadlifts. Box jumps sucked.

  5. Row Double Unders and Sit-ups 9:12

  6. Option A
    21 – 15 – 9
    DL 185 + burpees @24″
    RX’d! 8:15 BOOM!

    • Nice job Lili!

      • Thanks! And not burpees… Supposed to be box jumps! Woops!

  7. Did option A, don’t remember my time but thank you Larry for cheering me on. Crossfit can be frustrating sometimes at 22 weeks pregnant and you totally made my day by being so enthusiastic!

    • B actually, with singles

  8. I also did Tuesdays workout since I won’t be able to make it up any other day.
    49 reps rxd

  9. DL/ box jumps at 135 and 20″ box in 9:40

  10. 21-15-9 DL/Step Ups = 7:40

  11. row/du/su – 11:50

  12. DL/BJ – rxd – 8:53 or 8:58 (will have to double check)
    ~ Andrea

  13. Friday WOD 25 BSx185, 25 FSx135, 25 OHSx95 & 25 thrustersx95
    time 14:57 RX

  14. Back Squats, Front Squats, Overhead Squats, Thrusters- Only got 94 reps Rx. Overhead Squats killed me.

  15. BS – 155, FS – 115, OHS – 65, Thrusters – 85
    89 reps

  16. Friday:A- 63 rx’d

  17. Fridays Back/Front squat, OHS and Thrusters
    7:3(4)? close to that at least. rx

  18. Friday wod b- 14:43
    Bs 100, fs 70, overhead 50, thruster 50

  19. Friday option A
    7:57 rxd

  20. 6:07 rx’d – 400 m run and 75 snatches at 50 on Friday
    5:12 rx’d – deadlifts and box jumps on Thursday


  21. Friday – 90 reps rxd for everything except OHS @65.
    Sat. Did the Thurs. WOD . DL / BJ 10:38 rxd

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