OPEN GYM and CF Reignited Competition Details

August 3, 2013

Open Gym  10 am to 12 noon today.  Come in and make up one you missed or do your own thing.


Two weeks from today  (Aug 17.  10-3pm)  our Friends at CrossFit Reignited are having their Grand Opening mini-competition.  Mixed Gender teams of 4 (2 guys/2 girls).  There will be scaled a scaled division.  

They are looking for confirmed attendees by SUNDAY 8-4.  So, if interested, please check your schedule and let me know asap.  If you DO commit, please follow through. Its tough on the host facility when people drop out with late notice.

You are all encouraged to participate.  If you are interested but friendless, post in the comments section and I will try to match you up.  This is low key and friendly.  There is no pressure to prepare in any sort of way.  Just show up, have fun and do your best.


Let me know in the COMMENTS.



  1. NASCAR – 6:52

    I want to do the Reignited competition if anyone needs a teammate

    • Jason, I am claiming you for the following team. You, Me, Adelynn and New girl Jill. You are off the market!

      • Sounds good to me….looking forward to it!

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