8-7 wod

August 7, 2013

Same as last wednesday.  20 min cap against 3 rds of Kelly or the push/pull upper body triple couplet. 

Also, special congrats to Wendy C: first unassisted pullup today.  Welcome to the top 1% of American women.



  1. Thanks Brock!

  2. 3rds Kelly – 18:25

  3. 11 reps short for the 3RF Kelly in 20:00. !@#($&^@!#^*!!!

  4. Kelly–14:47

  5. Kelly – 139 reps rxd – no rep wallballs killed me (last time 21:53)

  6. 3 rounds of Kelly 17:40 (?)
    Last time I did 15:36 bc I rebounded off the ground on my box jumps where today I stepped down from the box. Always a smoker.

  7. Push/Pull = 19:59 scaled (80lb bar; +4 band assist on pullups; ring pushups; ring rows with feet on ground).

  8. Kelly- 2 rounds plus the run of round 3 at the cap. Struggled big time with wall balls.

    Did it in 24 something in January and 19:48 in September.

    I could have sworn we did Kelly more recently but couldn’t find it.

  9. Wasn’t too proud of today’s numbers.
    Push/pull DNF total reps 160rx. I hit a wall on the cgbp. I will do this again soon.

  10. 3 rounds of Kelly


  11. 3rounds Kelly, 14:49 -adelynn

    • Damn woman!

      • Damn you, woman!!!

    • Rockstar! Nice work!

  12. Kelly 18:31 RX’d

  13. Kelly (3rnds)- 123…2 rounds, run, 3 box jumps

  14. 3 rds Kelly almost finished. short 3 for total reps 177

  15. 3 rds Kelly 16:25

  16. Dead lifts/box jumps. 9:33 scaled 225

  17. Dead lifts/box jumps 9:50. Scaled big time at 205lbs.

  18. Row, 100 DU, 100 Sit Ups.. 13:13.. I came off the row in like 3:40 and then spiraled down in a flaming heap of doodoo with the DU’s.

  19. DL/box- 10:23…135/24″

  20. Thursday
    1k row – 100 DU – 100 SU
    12:48 rxd

  21. I got my tournament schedule last night for this weekend. 4 matches in 3 days, which may be about 8 hours of playing. Today is a definite rest day as I need to save my legs, back & shoulders. Possibly tomorrow too.

  22. Row, singles, sit ups 13 something

  23. DL/BJ at 155/20″ in 8 something. Felt great. Rested then did the 400m run/75 snatches at 50# in 12:24. Felt significantly less great

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