WOD for Wednesday 8-21-13

August 21, 2013

Strength 1– 4×8 Weighted Pullup for load.

Strength 2– 3×8 Supine Row for completion(feet elevated, facing the ceiling)

Work–  AMRAP in 12 Minutes

200 m run (far side of the Car Wash)
20 Russian (eye level) KB Swings
10 Toes To Bar



  1. Total load 996.6 Lbs. Found out the 30lb vest really weighs 26.2lbs.
    Clark weighed the vest afterwards.
    126 Reps for WOD. Thanks to Abby for pushing me on the last 15. Seconds to get my run in and one KB in before time expired

    • .2 lbs…you kill me Larry! I guess over the course of 32 reps it does equal an extra 6.4 lbs…We’ll call it 6.5.

  2. Load 29, 30.5, 35, 37.5=1056
    Work=5 complete rds=155reps

  3. Load 50, 50, 50, 50 = 1600
    Work=132 reps (did the rowing maching instead of running)

  4. Pullups with 2 thin red bands
    Work: 94 reps (in 12:11 b/c I was out for run when time was up)

  5. I went for a 2 hr paddleboard excursion this morning in the Fort Fisher basin. Worked my back, shoulders, abs & legs and it felt great!!

  6. Pullups total weight 5172. I used the small vest for 8, then 8 reps 6 reps and 6 reps at bodyweight 179.

    Work 90 reps…I felt strong enough to maybe get through 4 rounds but my hands were TO’UP! Couldnt keep a grip on T2B.

  7. PU 3 sets @30 1 set @ 20, 6,896
    work: 159 reps
    stayed for the following hour did Hand stand walk skill work. I have the hang of it now so I have been going up and down my driveway scaring my neighbors i’m sure haha

  8. Load – 832 + body weight
    Work – 125 reps

  9. PU – 2×8 @ +3, 7@+2, 8@+3
    Work – 120…scaled T2B

  10. BW x 8 x 1
    BW+5 x 8 x 1
    BW x 7 x 1 (Overhand grip)
    BW x 8 x 1

    4×8 Bent over row with 40 lb dumbbell

  11. Pull ups
    BW+1 x7
    BW+2 x6
    BW+3 x7

    4 rounds = 120 reps RX’d

  12. 4 x 8 PU (+3 red)
    Work= 120reps rx

  13. 4x8xBW+3
    Work: 110 – 3/4 t2b, 1/4 t-up
    First time doing t2b legit in a work out
    ~ andrea

  14. Pull-ups are a goal. Still using the bands but getting a little better each time.
    Work: 2 rounds + 200m run. Still working on endurance. Getting better every week.

    Thank you to those who push me! It’s one of the things I love about being a part of this box. I may come in last but I’m still lapping the guy on the couch.

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