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WODS for M-T-W. Competition Training Sessions Commence

September 30, 2013

This is the last week of 4×5’s.  This week only, I’d like you to, on ALL tested lifts, PEAK on a given set.  I dont care which one of your four, but somewhere in the mix, reach for a 5 rep max.  Even if doing so makes you miss last week’s total number.  

Clean Athletes-  In order to assist with our ongoing noise issues vis a vis the neighbors, I’m going to ask you to postpone your cleans until Thursday and deadlift with the rest of the athletes on Monday.

We were very pleased with the interest in competition training expressed by many of you.  I’m going to get the ball rolling ahead of the previously announced mid October and start things up this weekend.  Please note the following schedule expansion from 10-5-13 until the weekend before the contest 12-7.

Saturday  Competition Training 9-11 am.  Open Gym remains 10-12

Sunday Competition Training 9-11 am. 

We will likely add a 3rd session at 7pm on a weeknight, this may be fixed or may rotate.  

Let me be clear that any and all CFCB members can attend these sessions and do your own thing, very much like Open Gym.  In fact, if you are on the fence about competing and/or just curious, you are highly encouraged to come in and observe. 

Those of you who are leaning towards competition, realize that  to reach your highest potential involves commitment across all aspects of performance.  Nutrition, recovery supplements, adequate sleep, stretching/mobilizing ahead of the workout,  avoiding outside conflicts, avoiding and if necessary accommodating injuries  are all part of the deal, or should be.  Much like our annual 6 week diet contest, this is a great and short term (10 weeks away) event to focus on and commit to. 

Expect tons of olympic lifting focus.  I cant guarantee anything, but the closest I can come to guaranteeing SOMETHING, is that you will see SOME form of the Oly Lifts in the event.  We will work and drill each aspect over and over.  The lifts are simple to understand and become intermediate at, VERY slow and hard to become good at.   We’ll introduce and utilize some video feedback via Coach’s Eye ( a great and inexpensive Phone App). 

We’ll delve deeper into the higher skill level movements that we expect a majority of people in the day to day classes to scale.  Toes to bar, Butterfly Pullups, Double Unders, Ring dips, Muscle Ups, HSPU’s, Handstand Walks, Pistols and similar actions.  Inability to do some of these may, depending on the specifics of each workout, bring an entire team to a complete standstill, so we need to address and improve those movements.

We’ll likely set some time to get to Ashley HS track and get some run work in.  CFW’s location and programming are such that a short run (4-800m) is highly likely.

Lastly, we’ll run a Team Wod stolen from other competitions.  We’ll change the lineup each week and practice the hard to define elements that make team wods different the solo ones.  The redline/rest/redline/rest pacing is different, communicating can be important, and we’ll learn who can do what and how well.

We’ll start this Saturday.  Start clearing your schedule…


WODS for 


Strength1–Deadlift 4×5 For Load

No Strength 2

Work-  Run 400m, then 3 rounds, 20 Hang Squat Cleans 95/65, 20 Toes 2 Bar, Run 400 m.


Strength 1-  Overhead Action 4×5 For Load

Strength 2- 3 Max Rep attempts at HSPU.

Work-  Athletes Choice 10 Minutes @ 50-60% any monostructural activity.  25 (new) 50 (more than 3 months in) GHD situps. 


Strength 1-  4×5 Pullups for Load

Strength 2-  Bent Row 3×5

Strength 3- Scapular Retraction with a band 2×15

Work- For time- 3 RFT  25 Overhead Squats 95/65, 50 Double Unders



OPEN GYM is SUNDAY 9/29 from 10–12. Legacy Competition in Greenville today. Check FB for updates!

September 28, 2013

WODS for Thursday and Friday 9-25 and 9-26.

September 26, 2013

Legacy-  You’re in your taper and rest.   If you want to do some light, low volume, lung/aerobic work that’s fine.


1) 10 minutes to establish 3RM Unbroken Snatch (these should be touch and go reps).  Catch high, then medium, then low.

2) Two rounds for time (capped at 15 minutes)

12 OHS, 95/65

12 Over The Bar Burpees

9 Power Snatches 95/65
9 Burpees plus 1 Pushup

6 Squat Snatches, 95/65
6 Burpees



Strength 1- Squat Action 4×5 for load

Strength 2-  Alternate squat ( Back Squatters do the front squat, OHS and FS do the HBBS)  Heavy Single EMOM x 5. For completion.

Work 1-  Max Reps Ring dips in 1 minute.  Rest 1 Minute.  Max Rep RIng Pushups in 1 Minute.  Rest 1 minute.  Max rep pushups.  Score is total legit reps.


Work 2- Kipping Pullup Practice and review or (if you;re familiar with the kip) 3×8 Supine row for completion.


WOD for Wednesday 9-25-13

September 25, 2013

Legacy Athletes-  Last day to train heavy.  Thursday you can fine tune and Friday should be basically total rest.



Strength 1-  4×5 Pullups for load.  Dead Hang. Full Stop.

Strength 2-  3×8  Wide Grip Pullups 

Work 1- AMRAP in 6 — 5 Turkish Get-ups r.  5 Turkish get-ups l.

rest 3 Minutes

Work 2- 1 on 1 off x 3 for max reps Wallballs to 11/10.


New Competition Details Announced

September 23, 2013

I have just become aware of the date for a new fitness competition, produced by the Legacy Series and hosted by our friends at CF Wilmington.

Saturday Dec 14th there will be a mixed gender, 4 member, team competition.  While you are always encouraged to compete,  this is a particularly good chance to do so because 1) it’s so close and 2) team competitions are particularly fun.

On that note, I’m looking at putting together a CFCB-best competition team(s) and doing some more advanced preparation for this event.  We havent figured out all the logistics yet, but there’d likely be some measure of greater commitment in both time spent at the gym and work devoted to some of the more advanced tools in the CrossFit toolbox (Muscle-ups,Snatches, Pistols etc).  If you’re at all interested please let me or Whitney know.  We hope to craft a firmer idea of what to do and how to do it, and start serious prep in mid October.

That said,  members with no interest in a serious team, or members that cant or dont want to commit more of their life to what is, in essence, exercising for points,  can and SHOULD still compete for fun.  You are still very welcome create your own team of friends,  and your experience at CFCB (heretofore good, we hope) will in no way change. 

Please use the “COMMENTS” section for any questions or concerns.


Wods For Monday and Tuesday

September 23, 2013

Monday-  week 3 of 5 reps/set.  Week 7 of 12 overall.

Strength 1-  Deadlift 4×5 For load. (Cleans 3×4)

Strength 2- 3×8 Standing Barbell Shrug for completion

Work- Against a 3 Minute Clock row 500/400 m,  max rep thrusters 95/65.  3 Attempts.  Score is total Thrusters.



Strength 1- 4×5 Overhead Action for load.  (Split Jerk  3×4)

Strength 2- Barbell Burnouts.  3 Attempts at max reps at 60% 1rm.

Work- Agility Ladder Drills. Shuttle Sprints.


Legacy Athletes-  Your last day of hard training should be Wednesday, with light to zero activity thursday and friday.  You may want to run all 3 wods in the prescribed order on the same day one more time, but its not essential.  You should make sure to do all the wods once more and apply any pace changes or strategy you may have when  you do so.  


Wods for Thursday, Friday and Saturday AND Sunday– Open Gym

September 19, 2013


Olympic Drills-  15 Minutes — 3 Touch and Go Cleans For load.  Any Height on the catch, as much or as little time in the front rack or the hang as you want.  Athletes who performed the Clean on Monday, 3 Touch and go Snatches For Load.

Work- 2 Rounds–Fight Gone Bad format. 1 minute Max reps of the following 5 actions.  1 Minute off between rounds.

Reverse Burpees

Hang Cleans 95/65

Single Leg Step Ups –  24/20

Push Press 95/65

Airdynes for Calories


Strength 1–  Squat Movement 4×5 for Load

Strength 2–  Reverse Lunge 3×8

Work– TBD


Saturday Open Gym 10-12 (Legacy Athletes, I had talked about opening earlier, but cannot do so therefore we also have…..)

Sunday Open Gym 9:30-11:30