WODS for M-T-W. Competition Training Sessions Commence

September 30, 2013

This is the last week of 4×5’s.  This week only, I’d like you to, on ALL tested lifts, PEAK on a given set.  I dont care which one of your four, but somewhere in the mix, reach for a 5 rep max.  Even if doing so makes you miss last week’s total number.  

Clean Athletes-  In order to assist with our ongoing noise issues vis a vis the neighbors, I’m going to ask you to postpone your cleans until Thursday and deadlift with the rest of the athletes on Monday.

We were very pleased with the interest in competition training expressed by many of you.  I’m going to get the ball rolling ahead of the previously announced mid October and start things up this weekend.  Please note the following schedule expansion from 10-5-13 until the weekend before the contest 12-7.

Saturday  Competition Training 9-11 am.  Open Gym remains 10-12

Sunday Competition Training 9-11 am. 

We will likely add a 3rd session at 7pm on a weeknight, this may be fixed or may rotate.  

Let me be clear that any and all CFCB members can attend these sessions and do your own thing, very much like Open Gym.  In fact, if you are on the fence about competing and/or just curious, you are highly encouraged to come in and observe. 

Those of you who are leaning towards competition, realize that  to reach your highest potential involves commitment across all aspects of performance.  Nutrition, recovery supplements, adequate sleep, stretching/mobilizing ahead of the workout,  avoiding outside conflicts, avoiding and if necessary accommodating injuries  are all part of the deal, or should be.  Much like our annual 6 week diet contest, this is a great and short term (10 weeks away) event to focus on and commit to. 

Expect tons of olympic lifting focus.  I cant guarantee anything, but the closest I can come to guaranteeing SOMETHING, is that you will see SOME form of the Oly Lifts in the event.  We will work and drill each aspect over and over.  The lifts are simple to understand and become intermediate at, VERY slow and hard to become good at.   We’ll introduce and utilize some video feedback via Coach’s Eye ( a great and inexpensive Phone App). 

We’ll delve deeper into the higher skill level movements that we expect a majority of people in the day to day classes to scale.  Toes to bar, Butterfly Pullups, Double Unders, Ring dips, Muscle Ups, HSPU’s, Handstand Walks, Pistols and similar actions.  Inability to do some of these may, depending on the specifics of each workout, bring an entire team to a complete standstill, so we need to address and improve those movements.

We’ll likely set some time to get to Ashley HS track and get some run work in.  CFW’s location and programming are such that a short run (4-800m) is highly likely.

Lastly, we’ll run a Team Wod stolen from other competitions.  We’ll change the lineup each week and practice the hard to define elements that make team wods different the solo ones.  The redline/rest/redline/rest pacing is different, communicating can be important, and we’ll learn who can do what and how well.

We’ll start this Saturday.  Start clearing your schedule…


WODS for 


Strength1–Deadlift 4×5 For Load

No Strength 2

Work-  Run 400m, then 3 rounds, 20 Hang Squat Cleans 95/65, 20 Toes 2 Bar, Run 400 m.


Strength 1-  Overhead Action 4×5 For Load

Strength 2- 3 Max Rep attempts at HSPU.

Work-  Athletes Choice 10 Minutes @ 50-60% any monostructural activity.  25 (new) 50 (more than 3 months in) GHD situps. 


Strength 1-  4×5 Pullups for Load

Strength 2-  Bent Row 3×5

Strength 3- Scapular Retraction with a band 2×15

Work- For time- 3 RFT  25 Overhead Squats 95/65, 50 Double Unders




  1. I did Shoulder Press instead of DL. my back is sore from saturday.


    WOD 16:03 RX

  2. DL = 2*5 =355, 1*5= 375, 1*3 = 395 (got 4th started but hands gave out)

    WOD = DNF.. 8 T2B in last round

    • Albert. Getting capped out is not at all the same as not finishing. Nice work. Good Dead #. You’re looking at the 425 neighborhood on a 1 rm with weeks yet to go!

    • Dang Albert! Good job!

  3. DL (normally clean): 135×5, 155×5, 175×5, 155×5 (went light – heavy yard work this weekend & heavy deadlifts don’t mix well with my back)

    work: 22:31 scaled t2b

    • SJ: 95×5, 105×3, 105×2, 105×0 = 905 (DNF) – had trouble all around with this today

      HSPU: 2 x 3 – most ever

      work: modified ANNIE 50-40-30-20-10 DUs + 25-20-15-10-5 GHD situps – somewhere in the 11-13 minute range (clock stopped at 9 minutes in and on round of 10 GHDs. Probably took another 2-4 minutes to finish??)

      tennis match tonight

      • pull ups: bw x 5, +5lbs x 5, +10lbs x 3 (peak), bw x 4

        work: 12:45 @ 30lbs OHS

  4. DL: 4,450 (225×5, 235×5, 225×5, 205×5); Heaviest 5rm = 235lbs

    Work: 126 reps total at 20 minute timer. Not sure if I calculated the reps correctly — basically I finished 400m run + 2 full rounds + 6 hang power cleans.

    • That is really impressive Kathleen!

      • I forgot to mention that the T2B were scaled. 🙂

  5. Worked on my dead lifts at light weight. Still not quite ready for those.
    WOD Super scaled at 75 lbs and knees to elbows in 20:50something. I felt as close to death on the last 400 as I have at any point in any other WOD in my 5 years of crossfit. Great Wod.

  6. 4×5 DL 295, 305, 325, 330

    WORK 15:29rx

  7. 4×5 DL at 160
    19 something with 20lb dumbbell squat cleans and kb swings instead of t2b

  8. DL 325,295×2, 275 (325 was my 1rm last strength cycle)…wod 55 (squat cleans 95 / scaled knees to chest)

    • Wod was 115… Not 55

  9. 365x5x3, 395x5x1
    16:30 I know I missed over a dozen T2B by an inch or two… need some serous focus on them.

  10. DL – 6800 – 355 max set of
    Work – 19:48

    • Tues. SP 2070

  11. Tuesday:
    SP=1,440 (75×5, 80×5, 82×5, 85×3); 3 RM PR
    Max rep HSPUs = 12, 10, 15
    Work: 4 min row, 4 min treadmill walking @ 10 incline, 2 min bike, 2 min jump rope, 400 m run outside

    PUs = 3 reps with +3 skinny bands; 4 reps with +4 skinny bands; 5 reps x 2 with black band
    Bent rows = 70×5,80×5, 80×5
    Work = 157 reps (2 full rounds + 7 OHS); DUs continue to be slow for me doing 1 single/1 double. The cramp in my side during the whole second round didn’t help either…it was all I could do to keep going.

    • Kathleen’s post above.

  12. Gonna be out of town for a few days so I doubled up BS and Pull-ups.
    300 was my 1rm BS. Today I got it for 5 reps!

    4×5 BS 275, 285, 295, 300!
    Total 5775

    Pull-ups 53, 53, 54, 54
    Body weight 176
    Total 4590

    Work 11:21rx

  13. SP 115×5 3 sets, 125 by 3……..PU 3 sets at BW, 1 set plus 10lbs.,…. wod 10:33 scaled 65lbs and singles

  14. PU – 4345 body weight 171 peak 218.5
    Work 186 @ 65

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