Work For Friday 9-18-13

October 18, 2013

Strength 3×3 Squat Movement

Strength2-  5×1 Squat Singles at 90% of Strength 1.  Go 3″ deeper.

Work-  For Cumulative Time x 3 attempts

40 KB Swings 24/16

30 Wallballs

20 Burpees

10 Box Jumps 30/24

Rest 3 Mins between attempts.




  1. BS 245X3 255X3 260X3 2280 total

    WORK: 20:33 Eye level KB scale, and a few short Wallballs. Burpees at the end were pure humiliation. I will pay for this one!

  2. FS- 765- 3×80, 3×85, 3×90—can tell I haven’t done squat day since sept 20–rough

    Work 22:57 RX

  3. BS – 4×8 at 80lbs. FS singles at 80
    Work – 21:3? Eye level Kb and step ups. This workout confirmed that I am officially very pregnant

  4. FS = 1,485 (155×3, 165×3, 175×3); I used the weight belt for the last two sets and felt more solid in the lifts.
    FS singles 3″ deeper = 145×1, 150×1, 155×1, 160x1x2
    Work: 22:22 total time with scaled box jumps to the 20″ box; 1st round was 10:57; 2nd round in 10:25 I think, but not sure if I calculated that correctly. The second round definitely felt longer and more grueling than the first. Just when I wanted to quit I heard Cam and Whitney cheering me on and I just couldn’t let them down. Thanks for the support guys!!!

    • I did what you would have done for me Kathleen!! I can recall numerous times where I was standing around not getting it and you cheered me back into the game. I’m very thankful to have a sweaty crossfit fam…. even if Jeff did beat me lol

      • Oh cam. Tonight I bask in the glorious victory. However, I can’t shake the image of you destroying me on the back squat. My lifetime best was your warmup.

    • Kathleen even came back to support me later that evening. (Or was it to see me suffer and “red line it at the burpees”?). Either way, thanks Kathleen.

  5. BS 275×3,280×2,275×3 ( got stuck on the third rep on 280..,thanks for the spot Steve)….wod 17:47

  6. BS 305, 315, 315=2805
    BS Singles 225, 245, 265, 285, 295

    Work 4:21rd1 /13:24rx

  7. BS – 2445 – 265, 275, 275 x 3
    Work – 16:38

  8. OHS 115, 120, 125 all x 3. The OHS one rep at 135
    Work 13:00

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