“Sandstorm” December Competition

October 28, 2013

Brief Update:  While we’ve been running team focused WODS at open gym on Saturday’s,  many more of you expressed interest in the December 14th Competition than have attended these prep sessions.  It would help your performance a good deal to tackle some of these 4 person team based wods.  The pacing is different and the mid WOD communication is something that gets better with a little practice, so I hope some of you who have yet to attend will do so in the remaining 5 weeks.

That said,  competition participation IS encouraged, even if you’ve been unable to get to the prep sessions.  So you are still welcome to compete as long as 1) there’s interest on your part and 2) your movement is decent.      All that said,  we will begin firming up the team lineups soon.  Anyone who wants to compete, please confirm your commitment in the comments section below.  The competition is Saturday, Dec 14 and will likely run the whole day, typically kicking off around 8-9 in the am.  If you commit, please take it seriously.  You’ll have 3 teammates counting on you.




  1. Brock and Whitney are in.

  2. I’m in!

  3. I’m in!!

    • But just an FYI, I work this weekend and am running a half marathon in savannah after that but then my weekens clear up to work on competition stuff.

  4. I’m in! Also, is there a fee for this one?

    • Yes it’s $80/person.

  5. I’m in!

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