(Revised) Wod for Thursday 10-31-13

October 31, 2013

Technique- 10 Minutes Pistol Practice

Skill/Olympic–  15 Minutes Clean and Jerk.  Work to a heavy single.  Athletes who Clean and/or Split Jerk during the Strength Movements, please substitute the Snatch.

Work- 15 Minutes in Zone 1 Athlete’s choice.  

Recovery/Prehab- Therapy Roll/Stretch in preparation for Friday’s 3×3 Squat.




  1. Clean and jerk PR 215

  2. Snatch – 80 lbs PR
    Ran across the street & around the schools. Beautiful day for the last day in October!

  3. I did mt PVC pipe “lifts/stretches” and tabata Airdyne, then tabata sit-ups, then half tabata squats.
    I did 15 reps per leg of step ups.
    I “ran” 1 mile with Ade

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