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WOD for TUESDAY 10-22. Website FAQ’s. Schedule Change for Wednesday 10-23-13. Party RSVP HERE please.

October 21, 2013

This Wednesday at 1230 and 130 CrossFit Carolina Beach is sponsoring a table at GHA (Group Homes for Autism) charity banquet. Commitments will demand that we cancel the 1230 and 130 classes for that day only. Sunday we will offer two hours of gym access to make up for the cancellation.

We are now t-Minus 5 days to our member Appreciation/Halloween Party Saturday 10-26. Start time is at 8pm. We will be providing light food, a seasonal (alcohol infused)punch, and non alcoholic drinks, therefore guest contributions, while welcome, are by no means necessary. This is our thanks to you for a terrific year!

However, PLEASE do rsvp in the comments section so that we know how much food to get, (even if you speak to one of us directly). Dont forget to tell us if you are bringing a guest.

WOD for Tuesday

Dynamic Shoulder Warmup/Inversion

Strength 1– 3×3 Shoulder Press for Load

Strength 2– 1 Push Press then 1 Top Half Shoulder press x 5 for Load

Work– 1 Minute Max Efforts as follows. 100%. All Out.

30 Seconds Shuttle Run/30 Second Burpees for total reps

rest 3

30 Second Hang Clean and Jerk 115/80 /30 seconds Box Jumps 20/16 for Total reps

rest 3

1 Minute Row for Max Calories

3x total.


Open Gym Schedule for Sat and Sunday

October 19, 2013

Saturday 10-12 Open Gym

Sunday 9 am (weather permitting)  Informal Ashley Track Workout.  Come with your own workout scheme in mind.

Sunday 10-12 Open Gym


Next Saturday our friends at CF Reignited are hosting Costumed Partner Halloween WOD.  Mixed or Same Gender pairs.  Relaxed, non competitive, BUT a good chance to work on mid-wod communication.  You are encouraged to go.


Work For Friday 9-18-13

October 18, 2013

Strength 3×3 Squat Movement

Strength2-  5×1 Squat Singles at 90% of Strength 1.  Go 3″ deeper.

Work-  For Cumulative Time x 3 attempts

40 KB Swings 24/16

30 Wallballs

20 Burpees

10 Box Jumps 30/24

Rest 3 Mins between attempts.



WOD For Thursday and Friday 10-17 and 10-18

October 17, 2013


Warmup/Clean Review

10 Minutes-  Work to a heavy Power Clean single.  

10 Minutes-  Work to a heavy Hang Squat Clean single.

Work –  Either 15 Minutes – Break a sweat pace (Zone 1) of any 1 Monostructural action


10 to 1

C2B Pullups

Ring Dips

Sandbag Lunges off of blocks



Strength 1-  Squat Movement 3×3 for load.

Strength 2-  Heavy Singles (90%)  at 3″ deeper than Strength 1.

Work-  TBD.


Special thanks to 6pm,  who proved surprisingly self reliant despite the big class size and wide range of experience levels.  


WODs for M-T-W 10-14/15/16-13. FAQ’s updated. Member Appreciation Party Reminder

October 14, 2013

Recall the Halloween/Member Appreciation Party is Saturday 10/26 at 8 pm.  Clear your schedules now.  We’ll start to ask for rsvp’s soon.   All members, new and long-term, frequent or infrequent, firebreather or “I scale everything”  are encouraged to attend.  Costumes a must.  We will have a limited number (5 or 6) of last minute masks for the procrastinators who thought they’d “get a better offer and go to that party but it fell through at the last minute so now I want to go but I have no costume”.  You significant others are welcome, even if they’re not so significant.   Light food and Holiday Punch Provided.  Expect some roaming dogs, feats of strength, revelry and a good time.


Please note the FAQ’s page on the website has been updated with some information that every member should know.  Take a few minutes and check it out and please comment with any questions.   It should enlighten and possibly amuse.

This is week 11 of the strength bias.  Please make sure you are accurately documenting your numbers.


Strength 1- Deadlift 3×3  for load.  Drop every rep BUT you must get your sets done in 30 seconds.  Any more than that is gaming the rest interval

Strength 2-  Sumo Deadlift 3×5 Touch and go. For load.

Work-  10 RFT 20 Double Unders/ 1 Rope Climb


Strength 1- Overhead Movment 3×3 for Load.  Push Jerk-  Heavy Singles.  Any miss rep = mandatory 10% drop in weight on the next rep.

Strength 2-  Push Press 5×2 for Load.  If you are doing the Push Press in Strength 1, Please do the Strict Shoulder Press, same scheme

Work- E3MOTM  (every 3rd minute on the minute)  400 m run.  Score is cumulative time for the mile.



Strength 1 –  Pullup 3×3 for load.  Now there is no demand that you stop at full extension.  This is the pullup equivalent to touch and go.

Strength 2-  EMOM x 6 — 1 Chest to Bar Pullup.  Use the same loads from Strength 1.

Work– TBD


New Member Welcome and Open Gym Hours

October 12, 2013

Open Gym Hours Saturday and Sunday 10-12 noon.

Competitor Prep-  Same Time frames, schedule based on turnout.


Please welcome new members Tifini, Phil, Missy, Chris W,  and Kate M.   Please introduce yourself when you cross paths with them.


WOD for Friday 10-11-13

October 11, 2013

Strength 1-  Squat Movement 3×3 for load.  Get all your reps (95%)

Strength 2- Alternate Squat Movement 3×5 @ 2-2-2-2 tempo, for completion.


a)-5 Attempts for cumulative time-  Backwards Bear Crawl.  1 Length of AstroTurf.

b)- 50 Grasshoppers for time

c)- 2×20 GHD Back Extension For Completion.