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WOD for Wednesday 11-27-13

November 27, 2013

Technique/Strength-  Overhead squat:  work up to a heavy single.

Strength-  Front rack Walking lunge.  Down and back (60ft) for max weight.

Work- Amrap in 8  —  8 Wallballs 20/14, 8 Hang cleans 115/80


Reminder-  Thanksgiving day from 9-11.  Penathlon.  5 events covering multiple fitness attributes.  CrossFit’s version of fun.


WOD for Tuesday 11-26-13. Schedule for the week. Sandstorm team rosters.

November 25, 2013

Schedule is normal M-T-W.

Thursday is our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Pentathlon.  5 Events at your own schedule, in any order.  As long as you complete the events between 9 and 11 am.  This is relaxed and fun but not easy,  you will have earned your stuffing at the end.

Events are:

#1) Oxygen Gauntlet—  Athletes Choice on the order of — Shuttle Run 30/20 , Row 30/20 Calories, Airdyne 30/20 Calories.  Then 30/20 or 100/70 Double Unders/Singles.  Jump rope MUST come last.

#2) Max Length UNBROKEN front rack  walking lunges  115/80.

#3)  7 Minutes to establish your best Hang Snatch Triple.

#4) Amrap in 5 — 10 Burpees/10 Handstand pushups

#5) Max Time Static Hold from pullup bar.

Friday we will close.  Saturday and Sunday Open Gym/Sandstorm prep  which segues into


In determining the teams, I was mostly concerned with spreading out the handstand walks, then tried to balance the deadlift  and running capacities such that no one team was glaringly weak.  From here on out, please coordinate with your respective teams to get as much practice as possible.   On any given day you can work some solo stuff from among the following suggestions:

Muscle ups/Static Holds such that you know close to exactly how many you can do/how long you hold the bar.

Deadlift Singles up to 95% of perceived max.  Know this number!

Short burst short rest thrusters sets.  Sets of 5 to 10/ rest as long as it took you to perform, then repeat 3 or 4 times.

Short Snatch sets followed by front rack Walking Lunges.

800 m Runs.  With or without a KB.

TEAM 1– Jill, Lili, Aaron and Larry

TEAM 2– Whitney, Jason, Jeff and Adelynn

TEAM 3– Kristen, Andrea, Brock and Greg







Please Register your team at the following address prior to Dec 1st after which the cost goes up from $300.

WOD for Monday 11-226-13

Work- Amrap in 8. 8 burpees, 8 pullups. Judges, 2 groups.

Strength 1- 3x Sideways handstand walks for cumulative distance. Wall Assisted.

Strength 2- 3x 5-12 reps any challenging ring action. Muscleups, ring dips, ring puhsups etc. If you can do more than 12, increase your technical difficulty.


Open Gym 10-12 Sat and Sunday

November 23, 2013

Sandstorm Athletes-  We’ll try to go with WOD 1  at 10 am  and Wod 2 at 11.  I know at least 3 athletes unable to be there tomorrow, and at least 3 conflicted on Sunday, so if anyone wants to sub in, you are welcome to.’

See you then.


WOD for Friday 11-22-13. Weekend Schedule notes.

November 22, 2013

Open Gym Sat and Sunday 10-12.  Sandstorm athletes:  We will look to run at least two of the event WODS as close as possible to gameday conditions.  Please arrive at 10 if possible.



Sandstorm– This is your recovery day. Bar Muscle Up Practice.  Video Here.  Many more on Youtbe.  Then, recovery pace any activity.

Sandstorm Saturday:  10:15 AM  Wod 1.  11 am  Wod 2.



Strength  4×5 Weighted pullups. Strict.  Deadhang.

Strength 2  3×5 1 & 1/4 Squats.  Video Here (we will be in the High Bar Back Squat position)

Work-  For time:  30 Pullups/30 RESS Right/30 RESS Left (rear elevated Split Squat) Video Here.  20 Pullups/20  RESS R & L/  10 Pullups/ 10 RESS R & L.





WOD for Thursday 11-21-13

November 21, 2013

Olympic Lift-  10 Minutes Split Jerk:   Build to as heavy as PERFECT technique allows.

Strength-   5x2Shoulder Press Then 2 Push Press for load. So every set goes 2 shoulder press followed unbroken by 2 push presses.

Strength 2-  GHD Back Extension: 3x 30 seconds Static Holds at spine parallel to floor.

Core-  100 JackKnives 50 r and 50 l.  Divide as you see fit.

Work-  Athletes choice  Zone 1/Recovery or ANNIE  50-40-30-20-10  Double Unders/Situps



November 20, 2013

As of now we are 1 female short of having 3 rxd teams for the Sandstorm Competition. Please check out the events on facebook (search LEGACY SERIES) and let me know if you have any interest. I will be one of your teammates, with the other yet to be determined. While my most pressing concern is finding 1 more girl interested in competing Rxd, if there’s interest in a scaled team, I will put any quartet of you together. Scaled is totally appropriate for a lot of you.


Strength 1-  Bench Press  5×2 for Load.  

Strength 2- Single Arm Dumbell Bench Press 3×5


Work-    5 RFT  at 95/65 for all actions.

10 Hang Snatches

10 Thrusters

Gym length– Walking Lunges (front rack) 

Athlete can set the bar down with no penalty BETWEEN ROUNDS ONLY.  After the walking lunge target is reached and before the bar is picked up for the first Hang Snatch.  Any other contact with the floor results in a 20 situp penalty.



WODS for Monday and Tuesday 11-18 and 11-19

November 18, 2013

Congrats to both Brittni and Ashley who got their first double unders on Friday.  First one’s the hardest Ladies.  Well Done!

Competition prep attendance was the best it’s been.  We will likely send 3 rxd teams to the Sandstorm event, BUT there is still room for more.  If you are interested, let myself or Whitney know SOON.  As long as you can do the movements in the rxd or the scaled category, you are encouraged to compete.  Any concerns about being “not good enough”,  “looking stupid”  or “embarassing the gym” should be eclipsed by the greater concerns of “not being a huge sissy”  and ” inserting some meaning into your sad, little lives”.


Sandstorm athletes– Over the next 2-3 weeks your programming will veer towards events and wods that transfer to the competition. Please do your best to continue to attend saturday and sunday sessions, as that’s where we’ll be able to recreate the wods in the designated 4 person teams.   Consequently, your Friday programming will be Zone one/recovery pace and mobility focused  to preserve your effort for the weekend.  Monday’s, following 2 days of hard effort, you are encouraged to back your intensity down if necessary


WOD  for MONDAY  11-18

Strength–  Clean Pulls 4×5.  Speed as you cross the knee.  Jump/Shrug.  Sandstorm– Deadlift 3×3,  find a safe peak set.

Strength 2-  Strict Barbell Shrugs   4×8.  Sandstorm– Same action, 4×5.

Work– Double Metcon 

8 minutes  –  8 Wallballs/8 Cleans  115/80

rest 5

8 Minutes– 8 Burpees/8 Pullups



Skill-  Athlete’s choice.  10 Minutes on any weakness.  Sandstorm-  Handstand walks.

Work 1-  Run 1 Mile with A kettlebell  16/12

Work 2-  Airdyne Max calories in 10 minutes.  Hard pace.