Schedule for M-T-W 11-4/5/6-13. More new equipment!

November 4, 2013

Strength Bias Programming Concludes with 1 rep max test outs this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The first half of each class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday will be devoted to establishing your 1 rep max in our 4 target lift:

1- Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift or Clean

2- Shoulder to Overhead Movement

3- Pullup

4- Squat Movement

You can do these in any order on any day you like.  It makes some degree of sense to soace out the time between squat and deadlift/clean efforts but otherwise max effort in one lift should not degrade performance in another.  Please be ready to tell your instructor where you peaked on sets of 3 and from there we can give you a good idea on what is appropriate load to start testing at.


The second half of each class will be athletes choice among the following:


WOD 1 — The San Francisco Crippler.

Squat 225/155 x 30

Row 1000 m


WOD 2– Diane 


Deadlifts @ 225/155, HSPU’s



BW/75% BW  Bench Press/ Pullups  —  Max reps in 3 rds.  


A fourth option is Zone 1/Monostructural 15 minutes  as needed for recovery.

Thursday is DT.  






  1. Of all of the weeks to get sick, I had to do it this week! Even though my family is loving my laryngitis! I’m going to make sure I’m up to full strength ability before I try and test out. Might have to do that later this week or on Saturday.

    • Couldn’t stay away…

      FS: 150 (did not test 1rm, but had a 130 PR front squat in the past)
      Pull up: BW@140 + 28lbs (previous 1rm BW@135 + 10lbs)

      • Clean: 120 (previous 110)
        Split jerk: 120 (previous 105)

        I liked this round of strength programming!

  2. DL test out at 275lbs (definitely a PR). Started at 235lbs so increased by 40lbs and 17%.

    Practiced DUs.

  3. Dead Lift = 575

    Pull Up = 315ish (1/2″ from BW at 330)

    • Shoulder Press = 285

      Crippler = 5:22

      • Front Squat = 375

        Diane = 11:16
        – 225 DL
        – 225 Push Press

  4. Clean ORM= 165
    (beginning 150)
    Pull-Ups = BW148.6 + 28lbs
    (beginning 150bw+12.5)

  5. DL 365 ( up from 335 )

    • BS 300 ( up from 285 )

      • SP 140 (up from 135)……PU plus 45 ( up from 25 )

  6. Dead Lift – 435 PR up from 405
    Shoulder Press – 145 PR up from 135

    • Back squat – 315 PR up from 275
      Pull-Up – body weight 171 + 83 up from + 60

  7. Cleans. 160 to 180
    OHS 135 to 140

  8. DL 375..up from 325
    shoulder press 175

  9. Monday OHS 195
    Tuesday DL 365, weighted PU BW+belt=204+75=279

  10. Mon:
    SP -72 up from 69
    Diane w 105lb deadlifts and 50lb push press, 20 min air dyne

    Pull-up – 1 kipping at bw 155 vs 1 strict at bw 141 + 5lb plate. Don’t know how that compares but I’ll take it. Pre-pregnancy bw=125
    Crippler at 80lbs

  11. Tuesday
    ORM front squat = 190 from 185

  12. SP test out at 100lbs (another PR for me this week); Started at 85lbs so increased by 15lbs.

    Pullup test out with +1 skinny red band. Didn’t really do pullups consistently during this 12 week strength cycle. Think I was using the green band or maybe slightly smaller.

    • Yay Kathleen!!! Nice work!

      • I was certainly thrilled. Now I just need to get some unassisted. It is my new mission.

  13. SP @ 165. I think that is up 10.
    PU @ 205 + 82 = 287. Didn’t test in but, I am good with that #

  14. Monday – clean 95…started at 85
    Tuesday – FS 105…started at 105
    Wednesday – PJ 80…started at 70/ PU – BW (125)chin to bar..not quite over…started w/ +1 assistance

    Not great results…but better than I was expecting considering I missed about a month

  15. Split jerk 145 up from 135
    Diane 11:21 (finally RX’d but that shit was still hard!)

    Kathleen! 1/2 lb? Really? Damn it!
    I’m just kidding, that’s really bad ass!

    • Lili, I did 191.5lbs. Is it written wrong on the board because I definitly need to change it if it is. I wanted to be first at something for once. Sorry I had to knock you down to second place. Oh, and I might have said something like, “Take that Lili!! I did 191.5lbs and I’m 20 years older than you!”. Ha, ha, ha…it was all in good fun though. 🙂

      • Haha! Nicely done! I would have done a little dance if it was me! You kicked my butt!

  16. Front Squat = 191.5lbs (PR!!); I tested in at 165lbs so + 26.5lbs and +16%

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