WOD for Thursday 11-7-13

November 7, 2013

Testing out of strength bias concludes tomorrow. If you have yet to finish, you can extend into thursday/friday.  If you’re on schedule and done with Lift Testing but missed DIANE,  LYNNE or THE SAN FRANCISCO CRIPPLER, you can do them tomorrow.

If you are ALL done with Lift Testing and WOD’s both your workout is DT


DT is 5 Rounds for time of 

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Cleans

6 Shoulder to Overhead  

all at 155/105


Sidebar-  Fast notes on the test outs:  So far, terrific improvement from most of you.  We expect 10 to 15 % gains from new lifters with those numbers tapering off in proportion to your experience, but MANY of you are hitting adn/or exceeding those marks despite having been involved in our spring Strength Cycle.  Women’s pullups are a particular standout, I think.  We will wait till the end of the week and get deep into analyzing the numbers, but so far things are looking really good.  Well done, Athletes.



  1. DT 4 rounds plus dead lifts and 5 hang cleans at 15:00 cap…. Scaled 135

  2. DT – 1st time trying this at 95lbs – 3 rounds + 6 hang cleans = 111 reps – rough…

  3. DT 3 rds + 20 reps Rx
    DT owned me!!

  4. DT = 7:31 Rx

  5. DT..1 set 135, 4×115 12:50

    Pullup.body wt plus 20lbs..
    Up from big fat black band.

    very tough workout took me 30 minutes just to be able to record this!

  6. Crippler in 6:13 rxd. That’s one of those where having Cam’s 6:17 to shoot for helped immensely. Front Sqaut 305 Up from 265. Very Pleased. Shoulder press 177 up from 165 (Pr was 170, so bad test in day. Very pleased. Deadlift, 405 * with a strap to accommodate my injured hand. up from 395. Pr was 427 so NOT pleased. Pullups, Non existant (hand) so very lame. Literally.

  7. Diane = 7:20 with HSPUs scaled to 3/4 pushup. Brock said I was very close to getting HSPUs RX’d; huge improvement over the last time we did this in early August (prior to this last strength cycle).

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