WOD for Wednesday 11-13-13

November 13, 2013

Both the 1230 and 5pm were large classes,  thanks to everyone for cooperating and for your attention.  The day moved very smoothly thanks to you!  Some good inversion progress.  

Apologies, but my time to collate the strength cycle numbers keeps getting interrupted.  I will block out all conflicts and tabulate the results tomorrow, no if’s and’s or but’s.

OK.  Wod for Wednesday


Supine rows 4×8.  Supine Scapular retraction 3×8.  Scapular retraction with a band 2×20



5 Burpee Pullups

10 Box Jumps  24″/20″

15 KB Swings  24/16 kgs



  1. WOD 10:25 chest congestion really hampers my breathing. Fun work out except this is the 3 day of burpess

    • We didn’t do burpees yesterday?!? I think the air dynes have made you delirious.

      • I meant to say. 3 Days. Sat, Monday and today

  2. 8:11rx

  3. 9:58 rx

  4. 11:08 scaled KB swings to 16kg
    did some legless rope climbs afterwards. Hard to imagine that I could do ZERO rope climbs when I started in May.

  5. 132 reps (4 complete rounds + 5 burpees/pullups + 7 box jumps); had to scale to 5 regular burpees and 5 pullups with thin gray band for assistance (+3 assistance I think).

    Rested about a minute and finished the remaining reps (3 box jumps and 15 KB swings).

  6. 9:40 rx

  7. WOD = 9:51 (Scaled)

  8. 9:57 RX’d

  9. Wod 13:42…. More step up than box jumps….bpu and kb prescribed

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