Wod for Friday 11-15-13

November 15, 2013

Skills- 10 Minutes– Work a weak point. Sandstorm Athletes– Work your handstand walk.  All others–Anything that’s lagging, be it double unders, pistols, Overhead Squats, Cleans etc etc.

Work-  15 Minutes in Zone 1.   Break a sweat pace in whatever activity you like.

Work/Strength-  20 rep max Back Squat.  This should be the toughest 2 minutes of your CrossFit Life.  Low bar or High Bar.  Sit down.  Break Parallel.  Stand up. x 20 As heavy as possible.

Saturday and Sunday 10-12.  Open Gym/ Comp Prep.  We will run Sandstorm 2 both days.  Get in and mesh with your teammates.



  1. 225 X 20 BS. Should have done 240. Left

  2. back squat: 135×20 – last time 130 x 18
    lungs are still not functioning – 3 mins of easy rowing sent me into a coughing fit

  3. 250×20
    I was surprised at how quickly I got there. I feel I should’ve tried 260. My last 20rep max was a year ago at 200.
    250 is 73% of my 1rep max of 340.

  4. 185×20

  5. Back Squat 155×20
    Last time it was 145×20

  6. BS – 90×20

  7. BS 300 x 20.

    • BEAST!!!

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