WOD for Thursday 11-21-13

November 21, 2013

Olympic Lift-  10 Minutes Split Jerk:   Build to as heavy as PERFECT technique allows.

Strength-   5x2Shoulder Press Then 2 Push Press for load. So every set goes 2 shoulder press followed unbroken by 2 push presses.

Strength 2-  GHD Back Extension: 3x 30 seconds Static Holds at spine parallel to floor.

Core-  100 JackKnives 50 r and 50 l.  Divide as you see fit.

Work-  Athletes choice  Zone 1/Recovery or ANNIE  50-40-30-20-10  Double Unders/Situps



  1. Shoulder press 135
    Annie 6:51

  2. Today was a PR I did Annie RX. It took 13:03 but I did it RX and I am stocked!

    SPx2/PPx2 heaviest completion of actions 185

  3. SPx2/PPx2 – 145
    Annie – 11:14

  4. SP/PP – 72
    Annie: 6:53 PR
    last PR I could find was 7:56, but I think I got in the 7:40s since that one

  5. Split jerk 205
    Sp/pp 145

    Annie 6:07. Missed my PR by 3 seconds.

  6. Annie:7:50
    155 shoulder press

  7. SP/PP=85
    Annie=7:55 RX’d(first time doing it RX’d)

  8. spx2..ppx2..150

  9. SP- 55
    1/2 Annie- 8:00 1st time doing DU for wod

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