WOD for Tuesday 11-26-13. Schedule for the week. Sandstorm team rosters.

November 25, 2013

Schedule is normal M-T-W.

Thursday is our 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Pentathlon.  5 Events at your own schedule, in any order.  As long as you complete the events between 9 and 11 am.  This is relaxed and fun but not easy,  you will have earned your stuffing at the end.

Events are:

#1) Oxygen Gauntlet—  Athletes Choice on the order of — Shuttle Run 30/20 , Row 30/20 Calories, Airdyne 30/20 Calories.  Then 30/20 or 100/70 Double Unders/Singles.  Jump rope MUST come last.

#2) Max Length UNBROKEN front rack  walking lunges  115/80.

#3)  7 Minutes to establish your best Hang Snatch Triple.

#4) Amrap in 5 — 10 Burpees/10 Handstand pushups

#5) Max Time Static Hold from pullup bar.

Friday we will close.  Saturday and Sunday Open Gym/Sandstorm prep  which segues into


In determining the teams, I was mostly concerned with spreading out the handstand walks, then tried to balance the deadlift  and running capacities such that no one team was glaringly weak.  From here on out, please coordinate with your respective teams to get as much practice as possible.   On any given day you can work some solo stuff from among the following suggestions:

Muscle ups/Static Holds such that you know close to exactly how many you can do/how long you hold the bar.

Deadlift Singles up to 95% of perceived max.  Know this number!

Short burst short rest thrusters sets.  Sets of 5 to 10/ rest as long as it took you to perform, then repeat 3 or 4 times.

Short Snatch sets followed by front rack Walking Lunges.

800 m Runs.  With or without a KB.

TEAM 1– Jill, Lili, Aaron and Larry

TEAM 2– Whitney, Jason, Jeff and Adelynn

TEAM 3– Kristen, Andrea, Brock and Greg







Please Register your team at the following address http://www.legacyseriesevents.com/ prior to Dec 1st after which the cost goes up from $300.

WOD for Monday 11-226-13

Work- Amrap in 8. 8 burpees, 8 pullups. Judges, 2 groups.

Strength 1- 3x Sideways handstand walks for cumulative distance. Wall Assisted.

Strength 2- 3x 5-12 reps any challenging ring action. Muscleups, ring dips, ring puhsups etc. If you can do more than 12, increase your technical difficulty.



  1. Lili, Aaron & Jill we need a team name. Sugeestions??
    7am practice tomorrow.

    Snatch Grip DL 225x5x3
    bent row snatch grip 135
    shrugs snatch grip 205

    WOD 1st round 3:37 RX
    2nd round 3:32 RX

    • Larry, I will try to make it at 7 but I can’t promise anything… I have school in the morning so if I go I can only be there for about 30 min

  2. snatch DL 185, 185, 205=2,875


  3. snatch DL: 95×5, 115×5, 135×5
    shoulder/elbow hurting – skipped bent row & shrugs

    work: 7:49 with 80lb PP

  4. Snatch grip DL- 1950- 15×130
    Work- 10:42 –(1) 5:23@65 (2)- 5:19@55

  5. DL 15@165=2475
    Work = 1) 3:35 and 2) 3:51 rxd

  6. Pull Ups/Burpees 140 reps
    Hand Stand Walk 30 ft both times

  7. pull up/burpees 124
    handstand walk 30ft x 2

  8. WOD – Pull Ups + Burpees = 61

    Sandstorm Practice: Deadlift
    – 5×405, 3×495, 2×545, 1×565, 1×585 (PR)

    • That is amazing.

    • Jason….That was impressive…. There was so many plates on the bar he had to use the pull-up bands to hold them on the bar!!!

    • Wow. I just looked up world record in deadlift. 585 isn’t the record. But that is so heavy that I had to look it up.

      • -Jill

    • It wasnt even 100% either. Shit be Cray!

    • That’s my teammate!!

  9. 585 dead lift!! Thats like 500 more lbs than i can do. Holy crap Weeks! Nice job!

  10. Pull-ups-burpees 81rx….handstand walks 30ft oth times

  11. I went 54 feet then 61 feet in the wall assisted handstand walk. First time vertical, second time Don White Style. Ring dips 4×12 mix of strict and kipping every set.

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