December 4, 2013

After toes to bar monday and static hangs tuesday I think we are better served by postponing wednesday’s pullup centric wod to Friday and tomorrow we’ll go with this longer effort.


Athletes Choice/Choose your own Adventure through the following

100 Step Ups (20/16)

100 S20 @ 95/65

100 Situps

100 Calories (airdyne or row)

100 Seconds accumulated Plank Hold

1000 meter run  



  1. Brock..
    I meant to tell you that I have to go to Williamsburg for the rest of the week for continuing education…I will be back starting Monday with a renewed commitment!

    • Thanks for the update Chris. Good to see you stay current in your field. See you monday.

  2. Are you trying to kill me on my birthday?!?!?!

  3. 35:44 Horrible time. i did all but SOH & standard sit ups straight through. i would not recomend!! slowed my time considerable.

  4. 33:42 RX. Broke it up a lot but kept moving.

  5. 37:19

    Brutal Hell.

  6. WOD = 52:30; I did exactly what Brock told me not to do and saved the row/air dyne for last, but the whole time I was thinking I only had to row 100 METERS. I am going to chalk it up to “Birthday brain”.

  7. 47:06 with 100 cal on airdyne & 1000m on row (to replace the run)

    In hindsight, I should have done 100 cal on row & walked the 1000m – it would have been faster & less torturous

    • Yea, that was a tough path you chose.

  8. 45:30 something scaled to 45lbs on s2o. I’m just amazed I finished!

    • You did a great job!

    • Good Job Blenda! Way to hang in.

  9. 33:32 rx

    • Bob

  10. 24:42

  11. 32:54

    Was a good one , enjoyed pushing through it on this

  12. Sick time G-burger

  13. I went 25:01. Push Jerked every one of the shoulder to overheads. Did situps vs GHD. My runs were slow and my 50 second plank towards the end had 2 rest breaks in it. Nick Mc. was 21 and change.

  14. 44:30 52s2o@60lb, 48s2o@50

  15. 41:26

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