WOD for Monday 12-9-13

December 9, 2013

Strength 1-  10 Minutes to warm up and get 3 Clean Singles for total load.   Athletes must break parallel either on the catch or in  a subsequent front squat.  Score is total load achieved over  3 attempts (so dont miss)

Strength 2-  3×5 Clean Grip Tempo controlled Deadllift.  3 Second pause at just off the ground, at the Jump position, at the hang.

Work-  For time.  Row 250, 15 burpees, 25 KB swings, 15 burpees, Row 250.  Short and terrifying.


Sandstorm-  You have today and tomorrow to train hard.  Wednesday you can train hard aerobically, but should back off the weights.  Th and F  should be mobility and recovery days.   You can do the above WOD if you like.  Or you can deadlift/KB Run/  Snatch–Lunge or Thrusters/Hang.  Any 7 minute monostructural event is good as well.  30 seconds on 30 off is one good scheme.



  1. Cleans – 215x 3. They were basically power and front squat.
    Stength2 – 215 then 205. That sucked
    Work – 5:15. I went way to fast on first 15 burpees and gassed myself.

  2. Cleans 170 175 (fail), 175 (nailed it!) 345 total. Bummed, I just lost my balance on my second attempt. First heavy cleans since surgery and they felt great!

    WOD Short and terrifying is right! 5:07.

  3. Cleans 205, 215, failed at 225

    Strength 2 225, 205, 185

    Work 4:15rx

  4. Cleans – 155, 175, 185
    Strength 2 – 155 and 135
    Work 4:38rx

  5. Cleans 165×3…..wod 5:37(scaled kb to eye level)

  6. Cleans- 80, 85, 90=245
    Work- 6:44

  7. Cleans..175 x 3 185 x 3 185x 3
    WOD…I thought I did it in 5:00 but Brock wrote down 5:37 …what’s up with that Brock?!..:)

  8. I just want to say that while my time wasn’t stellar, I finished it at 8:03. This time last year, between the beta blocker med and not being in shape I couldn’t have done it. My cleans are not heavy but improving. I PR’d. Less med, much better shape and I’m getting there. Bit by bit. Getting there. Thank you all for all the encouragement and that push when I need it. I’m stronger, feel better, less meds, dropped inches, and enjoy the challenge immensely.

  9. Found my time from this WOD 6:09

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