WODS for Wednesday and Saturday reminder.

December 18, 2013

The Christmas Chipper is this saturday.  All faith’s welcome.  

Wednesday WOD

If you need a recovery day, please spend 15 minutes in Zone 1/Recovery pace on any mix of Monostructural Tools.  If you feel OK and you want something more aggressive please do any 3 of the following 5 tabata interval options.


Row for calories/meters

Airdyne for Calories

Kettlebell swings to eye level (16/12)

Double Unders

Rope Whips


If you missed either monday or tuesday you can make it up wednesday if you choose.




  1. DUs: 117
    Situps: 129
    KB: 106
    Row: 51 cal

  2. This was a makeup day for me. Cgbp 10-8-6-4-2 at 160/185/195/205/225(fail on 2nd). Did the metcon from 12-9-13 row 250, 15 burpees, 25 kbs, 15 burpees, row 250 in 4:16.

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