DIET CONTEST 2014 Details

December 30, 2013

Here we go!

First and foremost, note the dates

Start- Saturday January 4th.  10am-12 noon.   You may also come Sunday January 5th from 10-11.

End of Contest- Saturday February 15th.  10 am – 12 noon.

Awards Ceremony- Saturday February 15th  Approx 8pm Location TBD

Cost- $25

Rules- Only three…

1) You MUST get weighed/measured/BF % pinched and photographed on or after the Start date and on or before the end date.   

2) You must log your food intake a minimum of ten days in our online food log.  These can be ANY 10 within the contests 6 week duration.  Food logs should include what you ate, how much, when and any notes you think are relevant.  These are largely so that our training staff can assist you with suggested changes if you are 3 weeks in and not changing at all.

3) To win the contest you must be present at the awards ceremony!


We will take bodyweight, circumference measurements at the waist, arm and leg, and 7 site skinfold bodyfat measurements on all contestants.  We will take 3 Photos of each contestant. Front, Back, and 1 Athletes choice posed.   6 weeks later, we will repeat all of the above.  We will then develop all the photos and place them into an event binder with each athletes’ before and after photos side by side.   All contestants who have completed the contest (including the food log requirement) can then vote on 1 female and 1 male contestant to win.  The most first place votes wins the contest.  Your bodyweights, measurements, and fat % are not released to the other contestants and are not a factor in the voting process.  The photos are the only relevant information.  This is done in order to allow the thin to gain muscle and win or even the very fit to participate and still possibly win.

Differences from Years Past

1)  The buy-in is up $5 (to $25)  for the first time in 3 years.   The accumulated cash will go towards some measure of gym equipment, as opposed to  the winners directly.  This way, the collective membership benefits as well.  The winners will receive an equivalent amount of CrossFit membership credit.  So if the pot is $500 each winner would receive $250 worth of CFCB membership or two months free.  This year you can pay with a Credit Card ($1 transaction fee).

2)The nutrition lecture prior to returns.  We have a decent amount of new people to whom my annual comments will no doubt be fresh and funny.  I’m putting more work into making it comprehensive and coherent, and you are all encouraged to attend (Contest kickoff at 930am) but there is no requirement.

Frequently asked questions

Can I do the contest but not pay, if I don’t care about winning?

No, this is CrossFit and winning matters, but even if you dont care, the fee remains.

I dont want to get my pictures taken, can I still do the contest?

No. But I will keep them out of any public domain (like the photo album and/or off the website) if you ask me to.

I’m bashful, puritantical, or leprous.  I dont want to wear clothes that show my body.  Can I still do the contest?

Yes.  Wear whatever you want, but a) the more you cover the less obvious the change and 2) wear the same thing.  2 different sweaters disguise change more than wearing the same sweater.

I cant make the Saturday or Sunday photo times, can you take my picture on Monday, Tuesday etc.

No.  This is a logistical mess.  The next picture opportunity after Sunday has yet to be determined.

Can my non-member spouse/friend/parole officer participate?

Yes, but their buy in is $50.

I hate parties, why do I have to go to win?

You may hate NORMAL parties, but this is a CFCB party, where handstands, human pyramids and feats of strength abound.   You will enjoy yourself and your alcohol tolerance will be so low it’ll be like 8th grade all over again.

Why is it a “contest” and not a “challenge”?

Because America’s avoidance of confrontational words like “contest” in exchange for goofy, feel-good buzzwords like “challenge” are what got us into this obesity mess in the first  place.

Lastly, You are all strongly encouraged to participate.  We keep it short and we hold it at new year’s every year on purpose.  The Holiday’s have come and gone, and people are galvanized by a fresh start and new beginnings.   An athlete who is thorough and committed to both diet and exercise frequency can make DRAMATIC visible change in 6 weeks.  That said,  if you arent fired up to participate, you will not become so as the contest proceeds.  If your life is in disarray, if you’d rather wait until warm weather spurs you to action, if you just “need to work at your own pace” then you will probably drop out, be non compliant and fail to make changes.

Take this seriously.  Realize that there IS indeed some sacrifice and discomfort in your future.  Personally, I get a surprising amount of consolation when I remind myself that “this is supposed to be hard” when staring at my lonely and neglected bottle of bourbon.  Bear down and stick to it.  You can always go back being the way you were, but you’ll get some good pictures out of it.

Good luck, athletes!


One comment

  1. 3 rounds of Kelly in 26:47 on Sunday. Thank god for James H who did this with me and pushed me through the last leg of this one.

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