Schedule for the week and Wod for 12-30-13

December 30, 2013


Monday– Normal

Tuesday–  6, 7 and 1230 on.   

Wednesday–  1-1-2014  Closed.

Thursday & Friday Normal.


WOD for Monday 12-30 13

5 Mins Each– Snatch Singles from the high hang, from the knee, from the ground.


10 mins- Inversion Progressions 


a- 10 Touch the Ground Box jumps

b- 1 Astoturf lap  Bear Crawl.





  1. Snatch 135

    WOD. This sucked hard. I think I made it through 7 crawls and 7 rounds of box jumps before I couldn’t finish a round and quit when I almost projectile vomited on the turf, I am sure Brock wouldn’t have liked that.

  2. I think I got 80 box jumps, but lost track of the bear crawls. I want to say 5 and three were scaled. But I could be wrong. I know I took off a few times during the bear crawls. The after picture that Whitney so graciously took says it all.

  3. well done you two. Tough, unpleasant and long work today!

  4. Snatch- 50–needs LOTS of work
    90 box 9 bear crawls

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