WOD for Thursday 1-2-2014. A map of Winter Programming. Notes on Goal Setting

January 2, 2014

WOD for 1-2-2014

Within a 28 minute time frame complete the following:  100% effort for 15 seconds followed by 45 seconds rest x 4 cycles of the following (your choice on the order)

Row- Calories

Airdyne- Calories

Treadmill @ 10%- Calories *

Doubles/Singles- Reps


Recover 5 minutes THEN

Split Jerk-  10 Minutes, Heavy Single.


OK– Welcome to 2014.  Here’s a rough, subject to change, map of the training focus for the first half of the year.   

Jan and Feb will be devoted to preparing for the CrossFit Open.  The CFO is the first tier in a three tiered competition season that starts in early March and ends in Mid July.   The Open consists of 5 workouts released by CFHQ on consecutive weeks.  The WODS are performed and the respective scores are submitted via video and/or authorization from a qualified affiliate (of which we are/will be one).  This is the fourth year of the open and to date the workouts have fallen between 4 and 15 minutes and have consisted of a relatively narrow exercise selection.  With some exceptions the CFO focuses on the snatch, the clean, shoulder to overhead, thrusters, burpees, toes to bar, pullups, box jumps, deadlifts, front and overhead squats, wallballs, and not much else.  These are easy to quantify, almost every gym has the necessary equipment, they suit videotape well and, frankly, they are good measures of total fitness.  So, what you will see is these dozen or so tools appearing with more frequency.  We’ll still have you bear crawling and running and back squatting, just not quite as often.  

In April, as The Open concludes, we’ll resume our strength bias training.  Strength in short domain drives your medium/metcon type work which in turn drives your longer duration events like 5ks and such.  The reverse is NOT true.  Running repeated 5ks will not drive your strength numbers up at all.   You can maintain very respectable endurance in the 15-30 minute time domain even with infrequent  (but not non-existent) exposures to that time domain.


Goal Setting

Now,  Today,  would be a good time to set some short, medium and long term goals for the year.  This dovetails nicely with our diet contest, as that is so numbers oriented that it makes stating a goal fairly simple.  Just as an example I’ll list my own.  I subdivide into seasons.

Winter- Drop my Bodyfat from where it is now (guesstimating 13-14%) to sub 10.  At 190 lbs, a 5% drop in bodyfat would translate to a 9.5 lb loss in bodyweight, assuming that loss is all fat. This is achievable IF I am strict and consistent with BOTH diet and exercise for the 6 week duration of the contest.

Winter/Spring-  Do as well as I can in the CF Open.  What’s ambitious but realistic?  Top 100 in the world in age 40-44.  What’s unrealistic but worth taking a shot at?  Top 20 in the world, which gets one to the CrossFit games in Los Angeles.

Spring-  Sub 3 Fran.  This has been a goal ever since I became aware of what CrossFit even was.  Back when I started, sub 3 was elite.  To be completely honest, sub 3 is no longer elite (Sub 2:30 is the new Sub 3).  I came VERY close (3:04, 3:08) this past summer and then hurt my hand, so now I’m another year older and my hand may or may not ever get back to 100%, but I think I can do it.

Summer-  1) Back squat 400 lbs.  Best lifetime is 385, and best in the last 2-3 years is 375.  In our spring strength cycle I will likely bias heavily towards backsquatting at the expense of something else, like pullups but not shoulder press because 2) Shoulder press my bodyweight.  Lifetime best is 177 (last strength cycle)  Bodyweight is 190.  I hope to be at 185, and bump up 7 lbs to make this happen.

Fall- Snatch my bodyweight.  Theoretically, if my squat numbers reach my summer goal, I should be well positioned strength-wise to make a bodyweight snatch happen.  I’d just need to bias towards this intricate lift with a lot of frequency and flight time.  In the past, I I’ve suffered a string of small injuries as I approach 100% capacity on this lift.  While I have done some research and can do a little more in shoulder pre-hab, the most important factor in remedying this will simply be slower progressions, lighter loads over more sessions.  

Winter-  Not sure actually, given how far away.  If I were to miss on any of the above, I might retool my approach and go after it again.  Or maybe I reverse course and get away from the short duration energy systems and look at something like a sub 20 5k.  






  1. WOD scores: In this order

    Jump Rope (singles) 155
    Bike 33
    Burpee’s 32 (verified & certified) by Aaron Johnson LOL
    Row 33
    run speed 8 didnt write down calories

  2. burpees 30
    du’s 106
    run 124
    Row 32
    Bike 44

  3. WOD in this order:
    DUs – 35
    Row – 22 cals
    Burpees – 27
    Airdyne – 26
    Run – 59.5 cals total (ran at 6, 6.2, 6.2 and 7)

    Thankfully to have Whitney do this one with me at 1:30 class. I definitely tried to keep pace with her the whole time. It would have totally sucked if I had to do this one on my own.

  4. JR 101, AD 37, Row 31, Run 85, burpees 26

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