WOD for Tuesday 1-6-14

January 7, 2014

From 12-9-13

Work-  For time.  Row 250, 15 burpees, 25 KB swings, 15 burpees, Row 250.  Short and terrifying.

Strength1 – High Bar Back Squat – 10-10-8-6-4-2.  First set of 10, easy.  All the remainder heavy as you safely can.

High Bar position wont let you squat with an exagerrated forward lean at the spine.  If the bar is low, you can get away with that.  In a high bar position, the bar will snowball forward if you dont maintain a close to vertical spine.

Strength 2-  Rear Leg Elevated Lunges. 2x right and left to fatigue. Fast tempo burnout style.



  1. Row/burp/swing/burp/row=3:56rx down from 4:15rx on 12/9/12

    Didn’t BS. Did a catalyst workout.

  2. Row/burp/swing/burp/row=6:26rx
    FS – 135, 145, 155, 185, 205

  3. Row/burp/swing/burp/row 4:45
    BS 135/145/155/160/165

  4. Wod 6:45 rxd. That was so much harder than it sounded. I’m out of damn shape.

  5. Work-6:36
    Strength- 85(10), 90(8), 95(6), 100(4), 105(2)

  6. work – 6:17 (13 seconds slower)
    bs – 95, 105, 110, 115, 125

    lungs are still recovering

  7. Work 4:51 16 seconds faster than last time.

    Back Squats. I was dead for these! 135,155,185,225,255

  8. Wod 6:00….BS 185,15,205,225,250

  9. Wod 6:00…..BS 185,185,205,225,250

  10. Brock Here: So I was on the very start of my second (last) 250 row and my rower blinked out and gave me some sort of error message that, in the intensity of the moment I didnt bother to read, just hit the highlighted “continue” box in the hopes that the display would have recorded my half dozen or so pulls to that point. No such luck, displays came back at zero, and I quit in despair. I didnt even note my time and the start, so I could have projected out where I”d have likely finished, just for a future data point. Anyway, FELT like I was close to a 4 minute WOD. Transitions were fast, but now we wpnt know. Hope to try again over the weekend.

  11. work: 446.
    BS: 155, 175, 190, 200, 210

  12. Work: 6:51
    BS 95/105/110/115/125

    • Found my time from Dec on this workout and it was better at 6:09. thats a big difference and pretty disappointing

  13. 5:16 row/burp/kbs/burp/row Rx’d

    BS 115-135-155-155-165

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