Please Post Your Scores.

January 9, 2014

Words to the effect of “It sucks that no one posts anymore”  cross my path about once a week.   And frankly I agree.  When we first opened up and had a smaller membership and our posts per capita were way higher.   I miss those days,  the posts were fun.  Collectively we have some funny people and the wod commentary was enjoyed by all and helped foster community, as “bumper-stickery” as that sounds.

From my perspective, keeping people engaged is always good for compliance which in turn is good for progress and good for business.  From your perspective compliance and progress are also valid, as is record keeping.  It S U U U U u u u U U U  C K S  to kill yourself on something like HELEN and then realize you dont know what you scored last time cause you didnt write it down.   You need to KNOW that you are progressing, not just think you are and or hope you are.  

So anyway, I’m not your mom and this isnt North Korea, so I cant make you, but CrossFit is 1) a little more fun and 2) a little bit better when people post their scores.  I’ll often go beyond just time or rounds or weight and leave myself small notes about what went well or poorly etc.  

Remember, we’re looking to set a high bar in every fitness regard.  Zumba, or spinning or group fitness will cover a lot of your basics,  we’re looking for substantially more than that with our efforts.



  1. AMEN!! PREACH IT BROTHER!!! I get sick and tired of reading and rereading Larry’s and my post everyday! No offense Larry! Plus, how am I supposed to know if I got TOTD (time of the day) if you guys don’t post?

  2. Well said! I couldnt agree more.

  3. I’m on it!

  4. sorry for not posting. I use to get a email each night.

    Monday: 15:31 time
    Tuesday 4:42 High Bar squats 225, 245, 255, 245, 245
    Wednesday: 6 toes to bar, 5 wall balls
    Thursday: 36 points for clean/squat/overhead, 56 HSPU, 30 shoulder press @105 Body weight 195

  5. Thanks for the drop in WOD, Brock…looking forward to training with you folks over the next couple of months…

    32 reps RX (was happy with the first 8 cycles as squat clean thrusters…); 20 SP @115#; 18 dumbbell press @80#

  6. First post ever! Hey guys thanks for pushing the old man I love you guys.

    Monday: 225 BP X 4 205 X 4 X 3
    Tuesday: 5:09 very disappointing maybe worst day so far 😦
    High Bar 235,235,235,235,255,255
    Wednesday: 11 knees to chest (If you saw my toes to bars you would only laugh!), 8 wall balls
    Thursday: 20 points for clean/squat/overhead (and they were all ugly), 70 HSPU, 34 shoulder press @ 95 Body weight 187

    • Pretty impressive for an old man!

  7. Here’s my “thing” about keeping up with postings: on any given day, I am compelled to give it 120%. Even if my named WOD time/score was better the last time I did it, I couldn’t push any harder on that day. I do have some things logged.

    My biggest variable in life is sleep. Lack of it, more specifically. I know this is a challenge for a lot of people. I wish it was more consistent so I could evaluate other factors affecting my performance.

    Cheers, andrea

  8. I can appreciate what you are saying Brock. I do track my numbers using an app on my phone and it works for me. However, I am not married to it so I will make a commitment to start posting here instead. I shall support our community with any humor I can muster.

    • I am much obliged Pam! Thank you. It’s not the end of the world, its just a bit more fun.

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