WODs for Monday and Tuesday and an important link for anyone looking to do well in the open.

January 20, 2014

This is a detailed breakdown of the collective frequency of movements, loads durations of the past 3 years worth of CF Open Wods.  This will help focus your preparation immensely.  Link Here.

Monday  1-20-14

(Similar but not identical to 12-31-13)

Work-  Another EMOM.  As many times as possible out of a possible 15 rounds.  7/6 Thrusters at 75/50, 7/6 Pullups, 7/6 Burpees.

Vs Last time, the reverse burpees are replaced by regular burpees.  The women’s Rxd bumps up from 5 reps to 6 of each action per round.  And, there’s no murders row of EMOM front and back squats immediately beforehand.  SO scores SHOULD move up.  


Tuesday 1-21-14

Snatch Review/Warmup 


AMRAP in 8 minutes

8 Wallballs @ 20/14 to 10’/9′

8 Hang Snatches @ 75/50

rest 5


AMRAP in 8 Minutes

8 Wallballs  @ 20/14 to 11’/10′

8 Snatches (from the ground) @ 95/65



Strength- 4×5 on your weakest movement from the following Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Pullup, Front Squat, Overhead Squat or Ring dip.

Be advised that WED will be programmed as recovery/monostructural, allowing you a day to recovery from tuesday’s weights. The takeaway being, dont stay away from any particular lift cause you dont want to be “too tired out” on wednesday.



  1. thank you for the link Brock. the charts made it easier to see what is coming our way.

  2. Larry, much like financial advisors are fond of saying: “past results are not a guarantee of future performance”. CF HQ could switch it up at any time, but logistics are such that the majority of your movements will be from that select group of 14.

  3. Monday WOD 10 rounds in 16 min.

  4. Gotta post the good with the bad!!!
    This would be the latter.
    A humbling “5ish” rounds, not a WOD that benefits the larger athlete.

    • Yes, this biases toward the small folk.

  5. 10 rounds in 20 minutes with ring rows. Not a great score but it feels good to be able to go hard again. I recovered lying on my stomach just because I could šŸ˜‰

    • HA!

    • Tuesday – 3 + 4 and 3 + 1 but both rounds I did 50lbs and 9′ wallballs.

      Then 4×5 shoulder press at 40lbs. I’m as sore as I was when I first started. Time off is rough…

  6. 10 rounds in 15mins.

    I’m off to Nicaragua, the land of carbs and starches, today. I will live vicariously through everyone’s postings so don’t let me down!

  7. Monday WOD 18 min. 10 rounds. Lung Burner

  8. Monday


    Thrusters/pull ups/ burpees 7 of each

  9. 500 jump rope warm up

    ANNIE (flutter kicks replaced sit ups, medical issue.. blah blah)


    3x :

    15 burpees

    15 squats

    15 lunges (Tom did lunge jumps)

    3 tire flips

    thennnn Tom did a bar muscle up and I did 2 muscle ups on the rings!! YAY!

    Great Sunday!

    • Zoe, Welcome and thank you for posting.

  10. 10 rounds in 17 minutes with ring rows.

  11. 10 rounds @ 22 min

    2 rounds with pull-ups then switched to ring rows.. Need to work on kipping next Sat open gym

    Thrusters need to be a little deeper squat too..

  12. Good way to start the week
    10 rounds 18 minutes a little better than last time šŸ™‚

  13. Sigh.. this was terrible for me.. Logistically I needed to be closer to the pullup bar and burpees. I spent to much time walking over I think..

    32 mins.. 10 rounds.. failed 3 rounds missing by 1, 2 and 2 burpees on the failures.. I didn’t fail my first round until minute 11 and then failed another right after that and that left me dismayed and sad.

    • Dude, a close miss in this workout is soul-crushing!

  14. 10 rounds in 19 minutes scaled to 5 reps and 20lb dumbbells (stupid shoulder)
    1st round 6 reps, only got to 4 burpees on 2nd round, then scaled down to 5 reps. Wound up doing eomom rest of the time

    on the plus side, I was able to get consecutive pull ups…no chalk and the new bar worked good!

  15. 10 rounds in 15 min…. had the benefit of doing everything by the pull-up bar which I am sure made it easier.

  16. Finished ten rounds (have no idea what the time was) that was hard!!!

    • Did 10 rounds in 17 minutes. Scaled to 5 reps per action and scaled to ring rows. I went in with what I thought was a good strategy — EMOM for 2x then rest a minute and keep repeating. I was able to do that through 2 cycles then was doing 1 round resting 1 round. I didn’t do this work out back on 12/31 so no comparison for me.

  17. Finished 10 rounds in the 26th minute. Brutal suckfest. Just wanted to quit but MLKs ghost gave me power.

    • The Reverend Doctor was a big fan of the thruster, this is known.

  18. Never finished a single round in 24 demoralizing minutes. The only thing worse was Brock standing over my gasping body saying I get an “A for effort”.

    • Proud of you, James!

      • but you didn’t quit right? only quitters are failures šŸ™‚

  19. 10 rounds in 18 minutes.

  20. 10 rounds in 20 min for me (blaaah shouldn’t have taken a 2 min break)
    Tom did 10 in 17 min (I think)

    felt pretty good today, realized I’m not a huge fan of the chalk during pull ups! haha can’t wait for tomorrow!

  21. Did this away from the gym..didn’t have a good clock option, so just set a timer on my phone and did 10 rounds in 17:02 with ring rows. First round, checked the timer and I finished right at :50. I can’t imagine how ugly it would have been had I tried to get 15 rounds EMOM. While not quantifiably comparable to the actual WOD, still a great workout. Followed by 12 minutes of core work. The mirrors at the mini gym are terribly unforgiving. I have a long way to go to get back to where I was a short 10 months ago. *sigh*

    • Also, just to figure out where I’m at, I did five really ugly kipping pullups before the WOD. They used to be so easy… cancer really sucks.

      • Hey Rebecca, I don’t think I’ve met you, and yes cancer sucks, but you’re doing a great job of punching it in the face!! Go you!

  22. I slowly passed away over 7 rounds in the 15 min given us.
    I then took another 12 minutes or so to do the remaining 3 rounds/nails in my coffin

    This was very painful, horrible …..just bad in a way that still hurts in my chest 3 hours later.

    • Even after my modified version of today’s WOS, my face was beet red 2 hours later…

      • Oops, I meant WOD, but I could think of some appropriate words for the acronym WOS.

  23. 32mins… 10 rounds… I guess you could say I got my money’s worth? Been coughing all day as a result.

  24. WOD
    Round one 104 reps
    Round two 56 reps
    Worked on Front squats. 115lbs 4 sets of 5

  25. 1/21/14 Snatchtastic WOD
    8WB(10ft)/8 Hang Snatch 75# = 4 Rounds + 4 = 68reps
    8WB(11ft)/8 Full Snatch 95# = 3 Rounds +8 = 56 reps

  26. 1st round 110 reps. I no rep myself 2 times.
    2nd round 66 reps. i no rep myself 4 times. last 2 rounds of snatches were less snatch and more muslce up.
    strenght: front squat 1 reps up to 245. time ran out.

  27. Monday- 10:18 w/ ring rows

  28. Brock was kind enough to give me a B for effort. must have been one hell of a curve! legs sore today

  29. 1st Round: 4 rounds + 8 Wallballs for 72 (scaled to 65# snatches)

    2nd Round: 3 rounds = 48 (scaled to 11′ Wallballs and 65# snatches)

    Then I ran GRIFF rx’d in 12:44. Running backwards fucking sucks.

  30. Tuesday:
    1st round: 5 rounds = 80 rx’d
    2nd round: 2 rounds = 32 rx’d

    This definitely favors the tall, strong & the Veronica’s (none of which I am)!

    attempted assisted ring dips – weak

  31. Tuesday- AMRAP1- 65 rx’d AMRAP2- 42 scaled to 50lb & 10lb wallball
    Strength- OS–I’ve hated since day 1–I have terrible mobility in my shoulders–so- baby steps–4×5 OS w/ 18lb bar

  32. 75 lb Hang snatch / 10 foot wall balls 85 reps
    95 lb hang snatch / 11 foot wall balls 54 reps
    Next time my short ass is bringing stilts !

  33. Tuesday 1/21

    Wallball/snatch 1-57
    Wallball/snatch 2-32 @60
    Used a 10lb ball. Still struggled to hit the target.

  34. Wod 1 84 reps rx (1 no rep)…Wod 2 54 reps rx (4 no reps) 11ft walls balls are tough on old short guys!!

  35. 139 total reps (with LOTS of no reps on the damn wall balls haha), 83 first round, 56 second. thanks for the tips on the snatch’s brock.. looking forward to really improving my lifts here at cfcb!!

  36. I did Monday’s Thruster/Pullup/Burpee wod a day late. I got 11 rds in 15 minutes. 3 on, 1 off, then 2 on 1 off x 4. Goal was 12 rds which would have demanded a 3 on 1 off x 4 pace and I just couldnt hold to it. I DID have the benefit of an empty gym and could cluster my equipment so I had no transition time lost.

  37. Wallball/snatch #1 = 69 RXd
    Wallball/snatch #2 = 36 RXd on the snatch and hit the line on the 10 foot Wallballs.

    The for some dumb reason I let James talk me into doing Griff. Needless to say I scaled it so I wasn’t there all afternoon. I ran forward 800, 200 backwards and then forward 400 for a total time of 12:20.

  38. Tuesday
    Work1 – 88
    Work2 -56
    Then did (3) sets of 4×5 overhead squats @ 75

  39. 133 and 66, I think

    • 1 min on each movement, not rds of 8

  40. 1st round = 122 (no strategy what so ever except for at least getting 10 in each cycle)

    2nd round = 70 (my strategy was to only get 10 per cycle so I could rest. It worked well up until the 5th min in and then I was doing about 8 WB and making up the difference in the snatches section “where I make ma’ money”)

  41. Monday – 10 rounds in 16 minutes (ring rows)

    Tuesday – 102 reps, 65 rep
    4×5 Pull-Ups @ +2 for 5 reps and +3 for 15

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