Additions to Thursday 1-23-14 and Friday’s WOD 1-24-14

January 23, 2014

Thursday  after the Split Jerk Drills but ahead of the double unders, the following Metcon:

AMRAP in 7 of

Ascending three’s so 3-6-9-12-15-18 etc

Toes to Bar

Hang Cleans @ 135/95  ( Squat or Power cleans both legit)



OPEN Workout 11.1 

AMRAP in 10

30 Double Unders

15 Power Snatches



4×5 Pullups for load

3×8 Supine Rows

2×20 Scapular Retractions with a band.



  1. 235 split jerk. Got up to 12+2 on toes to bar /hang cleans

  2. Split jerks: worked up to 235 before time ran out.

    WOD: Completed 12 full rounds + 15 = 75 reps

    • Thanks Larry and Brock for the push

  3. Split Jerk 155lb.
    WOD 64 reps rx

  4. Could not do split jerks because of my stupid shoulder. Did some therapy on my shoulders instead.

    WOD – 39 reps rx’d – pa-thet-ic

    • That was me.

  5. Split jerk = 135
    Work = 12rounds + 17 –> 77rxd

    I’m currently sick and today kicked my butt.

  6. Spilt jerk 155lbs…..wod completed round 12 (HC 135lbs / scaled t2b)

  7. Split Jerk – got to 115lbs
    Work = 65 @ 70lbs and scaled T2B

    1:30 class totally blew off DUs. I actually forgot they were on the agenda today until I went back and read this post. But on the upside, Jim Kitts made an appearance!!! Last time I saw him was during Ashley High School football season.

  8. Split Jerk – 145lbs
    Work – 9 rounds + 12 + 10

    Going to experiment with my T2B grip. I struggled with my rhythm, but my grip is a bigger issue. Always something to work on!

    ~ Andrea

  9. I’ve been missing you guys. Nicaragua has been great. Loads of beans and rice with a touch of meat. This has been a week of using my fitness. Thanks to Crossfit I was able to hold my own agains these Nicaraguans.

    Tuesday-trench digging for 3 hours.

    Wednesday-manual concrete mixing plus 5gallon cement bucket ground to shoulder carry.

    Thursday-climb/bear crawl up El Cerro Negro Volcano. It was ridiculously steep atleast 45 degrees and 2,400 feet up. The fun part was constantly sliding back down the volcanic rock as you made your way up. Then sprint/jump all the way back down.

    See ya soon.

  10. Split jerk 145
    Wod- 48 reps

  11. My split jerk is on holiday until the knees feel better…205 Push Jerk…

    WOD RX: round of 12 plus 16 reps…76 total. looking forward to the next one

  12. Split jerk 100
    WOD 12+6 at 70lbs

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