WOD for Thursday. 6 and 7 rescheduled to 10:30 and 11:30

January 29, 2014

Just “tested” the roads at 5:15 am. Fail. 6 and 7 rescheduled to 10:30 and 11:30 with 12:30 and 1:30 still in effect. We will see about 5 and 6 based on melt off this afternoon.

PS– Please be aware that the CFCB facebook page may be faster and easier to access on your phone/mobile device. If you’re not already friends with us, please fix that.


Open workout 13.4

Amrap in 7 by ascending 3’s (3-6-9-12-15-18)

Clean and Jerk 135/95
Toes To Bar


5 Minutes max calories on either the AD bike or the C2 row. Whichever you dont so today, expect to do tomorrow.


Bench Press 4×8 tempo controlled at 1-3-x-1
Scapular Retractions with a band 2×20



  1. Nasty weather!

  2. Wait a second…are we Crossfit or planet fitness. What happened to the unknown and unknowable stuff!! I say we hike to the gym and then workout!

  3. Thanks for opening the gym for the mid day sessions!!!

  4. Thanks for making it happen today Brock! And thanks to Clark for pushing us through the:
    Rope/HSPU/GDH one minute on each for four rounds 162

  5. Schools are out again and Marc is going to the office tomorrow so I’ll have to see what I can do with my kids. I’ll try for one of the early ones though! Today was fun!

  6. I’ll be at whichever class has free pizza.

    • Jeff, keep an eye out for the debut of our Platinum Memberships, which include unlimited tanning.

      • We’ll, it’s about time!

      • I’ve been waiting for the free tanning. Honestly that’s why I’ve been absent so long. That and the smoothie bar…

      • Love,

  7. I’M DYYYIING! neeed… endorphins… feeling.. lazy.. loserness… SEE YOU LATER! 🙂

  8. Wod 37 reps scaled t2b CJ 135lbs….row 64 cal…. BP 135,135,115,115

  9. Was stuck on a work call and couldn’t get to the gym at 1:30. Will get there at 5 or 6 if doors are open.

  10. Work- 60 @60lbs, scaled T2B…up from 54 in April

    AD 5 minutes- 45 calories

    BP- 45×8, 55×8, 50×16
    25 ab GHD
    Scapular retractions

  11. Work 47 RX…this was a nasty back2back after doing all those all those hang squat cleans yesterday! I am confident I could’ve finished my round of 12 clean and jerks with enough time to do 12 T2B’s on fresh legs. Gonna try this again soon!

    5 minutes on AD+ 52 calories

    BP 100X8 140X8 170X6.5 120X8 I worked in with Kristen didn’t realize I was lifting with the small bar until my second round :\

  12. 13.4 total reps 65rx
    Last April I did this workout 3 times for the open and got 63, 69, 65 all Rx. Needless to say I was bummed to not beat my previous best.

    Catalyst work

  13. WOD: 65 at 60 lbs and knee raises
    49 calories on the air dyne
    Cgbp – 45,50,50,45

  14. Work. Round 12 completed but scaled toes to bar
    Row 5 min – 105 calories

    • Oh, Clark is fuming!
      Ah, ha, ha

  15. Wod 48 reps scaled t2b and at @65

    Ad 48cal

    Bp 45×8 55×8. 55×7. 55×6.

  16. 5 minutes row-79 calories
    48 @ 135 and modified toes to bar
    Apologies to Jen for getting stuck with me on the BP…..and especially sorry for the rather large drop of sweat that hit her in the eye as I was spotting her…

  17. 13.4 73 reps. I need 90 at this. Rowed 97 calories.

  18. 13.4 – 56

    AD at 81

  19. 27 reps at 95lbs and scaled T2B

  20. 46 @ 75lbs. Did toes to bar for round of 3 and 6, then scaled. Turned into random flailing when I tried for round 9.

    63? On row

    Bp 60×8, 65x8x2, 70×6

  21. 13.4 – 57 reps RX
    103 cal row in 5 min.

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