WOD for Friday 1-31-14 Schedule Notes.

January 31, 2014

All classes intact and on schedule. Roads are fine. See you then.



Gauntlet’s-  The same action, increasing weight, decreasing reps, as fast as possible.  

Box Jumps (touch the ground)

20 reps @ 24/20,  15 reps @ 27/24, 10 reps @ 30/27


20 reps @ 95/65,  15 reps @ 115/80, 10 reps 

KB  Swings

50 reps @ 35/25,  35 reps @ 53/35,  15 reps @ 70/53





  1. Box Jumps 3:04
    Thrusters 38 @ 6:01
    Kettlebell 6:52 rx

  2. Box jumps 2:48
    Thrusters 4:49rx dropped after 6 at 135
    Kb 4:48rx dropped after 9 at 70lb

  3. Box jumps 3:41. ( freakin ate it on the last jump too… )
    Thrusters 26 ( don’t recall time )
    Kettleball : 8:01 (scaled the 70# at eye level )

  4. Thrusters – 5 something at a very scaled 35/50/65
    KB – 8:18 with eye level on the 53
    Jump squats at bw/+40/+60 instead of box jumps 2:26

  5. Box jumps scaled –
    Thrusters 9 minutes and some / KB completed Rx

  6. box jumps: 20″rxd, 24″ & 27″ step ups – 1st attempted jump on the 24″ box and I failed miserably. Box won, my knees did not

    Clean & Jerk in place of thrusters: 65/80/95 – 11:14 – touch and go at the 65lbs, had to drop for 80 & 95

    kbs: 4:24 eye level at 53lbs (unbroken reps with rest in between)

  7. welll see what had happened was… i didn’t watch the clock..
    scaled the thrusters down to 50/65/80?85? not sure and i only dropped once on the last set after 7 and finished my last 3

    total time was 20:31

    then got in some jump rope and double unders yay!

  8. KB’s rx’d in 7:31
    Box Jumps (scaled to 20/24/27) in 16mins and change
    Thrusters (scaled to 20@65#, and 5@85#)

    Due to my poor performance I was promptly ushered out of the building where Brock drove off in disgust.

  9. Thrusters 25rx…..box jumps 4:18rx….kb 8:02rx (lost the 70lb kb overhead on the 14 rep and thought I was going through window!!!)

  10. Box jumps –> 3:52 rx
    Thrusters –> 4:45 but only did 95# x5
    Kettle bells –> 4:14 rx

  11. Kettlebell: 4:30 RX
    Box jumps: 3:57 RX
    Thrusters: DNF’d , dropped after my 7th rep on 135.

    Mad props to all that finished, that ish was no joke!

  12. Thrusters: 5:39 RX
    KB: 4:41 RX.
    Box Jumps: 4:11 RX

  13. I didn’t write down my times, only exact one I know for sure was my thrusters since I came back to do them again after failing first attempt.

    I started on BJ’s finished in 4 something

    Second I did thrusters 39 reps in 6:30

    Lastly KB’s in 7 something? Maybe 5 something…who knows.

    I came back at 5 because I just knew I could do the thrusters.
    Completed them in 6:25 RX. Better time complete than 39 reps took me after BJ’s

    • “I started on BJ’s”….. Your starting to sound like that ass-clown from over at the WAC

      • HAHA. Yes, some things we dont abbreiviate!

  14. KB 5:39 scaled to eye level half way through 35 and all 53. That was rougher than I expected

    Box jumps 4:56 Rx’d. Probably could have gotten faster but had to wait for next box

    Thrusters haha. They were a joke. Hoping to be there tomorrow to make it up.

    • Blenda, no worries. The thrusters are beating a lot of strong people. Thank you for posting!

  15. Box 5:27 Rx’d
    Thruster 50/65/80 DNF completed #6 on last round in 5:37 or 6:37 – couldn’t remember when I started
    KB – yeah. my time sucks on this. 7:14 53 at eye level

  16. Thrusters @ 50/65/80 = 5:51
    Box jumps scaled to step ups on 27″ = 7:50
    Ran out of time for KBs; will try to get in on Sat or Sun to do these.

  17. Box Jumps – 2:58 RX
    Thrusters – 41 reps in 9 something..
    Should have done the round of 15 unbroken and I think I would have completed this…
    Kettlebell – 5:46 rx

  18. Thrusters 3:55 at 35/50/65. Want to do this again and try for 50/65/80. Don’t think I would have finished though. that 80# felt HEAVY.

    Realized 1/2 way through that I was doing the EXACT opposite of what Brock suggested by doing thrusters first. Wasn’t intentional, my brain is just fried. In the end I was glad I got those out of the way!

    Box jumps 3:58. Jumped first 24″ and barely made it, so stepped up from there.

    Kettlebell 5:38, eye level for 53#.

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