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WOD for Friday 2-28-14

February 28, 2014

AMRAP in 10 minutes

30 Double Unders

15 Power Sntaches @ 75/55

Score is total reps.



3×8 Deadlift for Load

Strength 2-

GHD Back Extension 2×10

Open Athletes- Come in and play with the variables. Grip width. Stopping at the hang vs returning straight to the floor. Fine tune your double unders and get a good stretch/roll. Open gym Sat from 10 to 12. Judges will be on hand to verify your scores.


Wod For 2-27-14

February 27, 2014



10 Minutes:  Work to a heavy rep of the following complex: Squat Clean from Position 1 (High Hang), Hang Squat Clean, Split Jerk

10 Minutes: Snatch Balance.  Pretty not shitty.


100 KB Swings for time.  Every drop=5 burpees.  10 minute cap.

rest 5 Minute then

EMOM x 10 

a) Rope climb  men x 2,  women x1

b) Reverse Tire Drag  men 2 lengths, women 1 length.


Open Athletes-  You can do the Oly Technique stuff at light loads.  You can continue to grease the groove on the more technical Open movments, or (my personal recommendation) you can stretch roll and recover.  Stay out of the tougher metcons above.


WOD for Wednesday 5-26-14

February 26, 2014

2 minute row for calories

2 minute incline pushups for reps

2 minute row

2 minute situps

2 minutes row 

2 minutes of pistols (Scale to Lunges)

rest 5 

Repeat  sequence with Airdyne in place of Rower.

Score is reps plus calories for the row sequence,  and a second reps plus calories for the airdyne sequence.


Open Athletes:  This is the last day I’d hit anything intensely, and even then, I’d keep volumes low.  I will be working on technique and cycle time on some of the more accuracy dependent actions.  Wallballs, burpees, box jumps, toes to bar, muscleups, pistols, doubles, s20, snatches, light weight deadlifts etc.

Here are some suggestions as to how to spend this session:

Toes 2 bar-  check your grip (thumb around or open grip)  check your hand spacing.  Where should you keep your gaze?

Burpees- Partial Squat, sprawl to chest to deck, pushup and recover your feet in 1 step, jump/clap.  Check your foot spacing.

S20- Work on your bar rebound. Try to cycle your push jerk.  Heaviest s20 in the open has been 165.  115 and 135  have both been used as well.

Snatches- Check your setup.  Try splitting if you never have.

Pistols-  Experiment with different shoes.  I need to grab onto a sock, so I need to have the RIGHT sock. etc   


Basically, work anything that’s given you problems these past few weeks.  This is the last chance to experiment with any small changes.  You want to know as much as possible about everything you need to do, before you need to do it.



WOD for Tuesday 2-25-14

February 25, 2014

Work/Strength-  Death By C2B Pullups.

EMOMx10- Athlete Selects his/her starting number.   Let’s say the starting number is 4.  First Minute, Athlete does 4 C2B  pullups.  Next minute, athlete does 5 c2b pullups and so on until either 10 minutes go by or the athlete fails to achieve target in a given minute. Score is total c2b pullups achieved.  


Work-  EOMOM-  A) 8 Touch and Go Snatches @ 75/55 B) 8 Unbroken Wallballs (no drops)


WOD for Monday 11-24-14

February 24, 2014

Strength-  4×5 Shoulder press for load.

Work A-  5 Minutes Max Calories AD Bike or C2 Row.

Work B- For time 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Front Squat 155/105 30 Doubles between each round.


Athletes Prioritizing the Open, please perform Work Capacity B first, then Strength the Work Capacity A.    All others please perform in the order written.

Open Competitors- This is the last deep hip flex you’ll do this week. If the loads above seem crushing, please scale the weight. Soreness through Wed is acceptable, but thereafter we want you fresh and ready for the WOD announcement thursday. My strong bias/suggestion would be to go hard Monday, possibly tuesday. Wednesday Stretch roll recover. thursday very easy, focusing on movements with a high accuracy demand (ex sets of 20 Double unders. 5-10 Toes to bar for speed. 2 muscleups then total recovery etc etc) Friday, plot and plan your wod. If there’s some sort of curveball (pistols, HSPU’s) experiment with that movement, change alignment, stance, elements and see what works the best. We will consult and I’ll give you my input. Saturday AM we throw it down. Sunday recover/maybe hard aerobic if you’re happy with your score and Monday it’s either on to the next one OR repeat Saturday if we think we should. Outlaw has some good itemized thoughts HERE. Gear up and have fun.


WOD for Friday 2-2-14 Open Gym is Sat and Sun 10-12

February 21, 2014

Strength-  4×8 High Bar Back Squat.  No forward leaning.  No shorting your depth.  For load.

Work-  Amrap in 10 Minutes

10 Sumo Deadlifts  185/115

10 Grasshoppers

1-2-3-4-etc Wall WalkUps


WOD for Thursday 2-20-14

February 20, 2014


Amrap in 7  of

Thrusters 100/65

Chest 2 Bar Pullups

in ascending 3’s  (3 and 3, 6 and 6, 9 and 9 etc)


Rest 5 Minutes, then.

For time

25 Airdyne Calories

20 Hang Snatches @ 95/65

15 Overhead Squats @ 95/65

10 Over the bar Burpees